Seeing through the EPA

The EPA has failed to stop oil production on private lands in western Texas and South Eastern New Mexico by declaring the Sand Dune lizard as being nearly extinct. There are two types of Sand Dune lizard is the only way to distinguish between the two of them just to flip him over on their backs and look at their leg pits one of only has four scales only other has five scales. The four scale lizard is on the verge of extinction. There are not many of them left. The EPA tried to claim it was due to the massive amount of oil drilling going on – the construction of the roads, the levelling of the dirt for the oil pads and the oil holding tanks. There are two problems with their theory. One is that the five scale lizard is nowhere near extinct. So I would believe it has more to do with evolution and survival of the fittest. That extra scale helps that particular lizard survive in that desert climate better than the four scales do. The second problem was the same construction equipment in the same area creating roads and pads for the windmills did not harm the Sand Dune lizard – as if the four scaled Sand Dune lizard could tell the difference between an oil truck and a windmill truck.

sand dune lizard

So how, after losing that battle, the EPA has decided to take a closer look at what is called the lesser prairie chicken (see photo). It runs wild out here you can shoot it as a pest or for dinner at any time of night or day. In other words, it is open season on the animal. But, the EPA in its ultimate wisdom is staying that they believe the lesser prairie chicken will someday be on the verge of extinction. So they have started the procedure to put the animal on the endangered list. Never before has this been done, placing an animal on the endangered list long before it has actually become endangered. It has had everyone stomped and scrambling to figure out what they need to do to counteract it.

lesser prairie chicken

A few weeks later it starts to become apparent. The United States Department of Agriculture which is under the Department of Interior has decided to re-introduce the grey wolf into 44 counties in West Texas and south eastern New Mexico. Of course this has irritated the farmers in that region, because they have enough trouble protecting their sheep, goats and calves from coyotes. The wolfs are much larger than the coyotes so that the farmers will have to add more bob wire to their fences, increase the distance for the animal crossings because the wolfs can jump it and many more problems that will cost those ranchers money. And yes just guess, other than baby goats and sheep and cows what the favourite diet of the grey wolf is, you got it the lesser prairie chicken.

And not so much transparency in action at the EPA, as much as we’re so easily able to see through them. Introduced the gray wolf which would then have no predator for a other than man and you limit the number of killings allowed and pretty soon the lesser prairie chicken is on the verge of extinction.


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