Parts of my life

I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding area. I have a sister who is a year older than me and two brothers who are 4 and then 5 years younger than me.   Of the 4 I am the smallest but still come in at 5’-11” and 245 pounds.  I was skinny and about 110 pounds until I was 25.

My dad was an ultra-conservative, a member of the John Birch Society ( ) and supporter and organizer of the Arizona chapter of the Minutemen ( ). Everything that the government did was a communist plot including fluoridation in city water and the stringing of high powered electric lines across the countryside.  The ‘emanations’ from the wires would cause the cow’s milk to go sour and cause mutations in the grasses, trees and small animals.  I remember several late night phone calls and visitors to our house and then there was a large transmission line crossing the dessert near Tolleson, AZ that was blown up.

My dad died during my first year at Arizona State University.  That gave me the freedom to become what I felt I needed to be.  I helped found the A.S.U. Chapter of SDS (  I met and partied a number of times with Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin both at A.S.U.  and The University  of California – Berkeley.  I met with Mark Rudd, Bernadine Dohrn and John Jacobs in the spring of 1969 in Austin Texas when they began the process of starting the Weather Underground Organization (Weathermen).  I soon became disenchanted with the Weathermen when they splintered into the Symbionese Liberation Army  ( ).  The Phoenix chapter of the Weatherman began to plan on ways to disrupt the development of the Palo Verde Nuclear plant west of Phoenix. They did manage to blow up a couple of power transmission lines during the pre-construction phase. Violence was not what I was into the alternative culture for.

I became part of the hippie generation with all that that entails and then gradually moved from there into being a biker.  A couple of marriages, children, divorces, drugs, alcohol, lunacy, bar fights, shooting of several people, and being a pornographer went on for awhile.  I’ve developed a philosophy of life that takes into consideration many of the things that I have done –of which I am not exactly proud of all of them (but hope I have learned and improved myself after reflection upon them).

Most individuals would place the political line as shown in the picture.  However, I think it is more appropriate to bend it down into a circle. The left wing Black Panther wanting to kill a “cracker” isn’t too far apart from the skin head biker wanting to kill a “nigger.” Most of us are in the middle and the fringes  on the bottom are pretty much the same when you get to analyzing them.

My youngest brother calls me a holy roller.  I wouldn’t go that far, but I would say I am now a conservative Christian businessperson.  The transformation may be worth a book and I am slowly writing it to be released as an e-book.   I am calling it: “To Touch A Cloud: My Unauthorized Autobiography.”  Sounds like a paradox, but once you read it, it’ll make sense.


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