Fundamentally changing America

Has Obama changed sides and become an ally to Al Qaeda? Now that he is no longer facing re-election he doesn’t have to try to hide the side he seems to have been favoring all along. The facts are that Obama is the chief person arming Al Qaeda.

“By their deeds you shall know them.” The DoD (Department of Defense) has finally admitted after 93 days that they were aware of the attack on Benghazi and had a drone above the fire fight for the entire 7 hour battle. And yet, nobody, nobody did anything substantive to try to assist and save the lives of our Ambassador. How can that be squared with American Patriotism- Mr. Obama and his minions were watching Americans die live on a TV in front of you and you do nothing. On the Barbara Walters show of a few days ago, Mr. Obama announced a major foreign policy decision. He and therefore the United States will now recognize the coalition of forces trying to overthrow the Assad government in Syria. All of the 29 Syrian rebel groups have pledged allegiance to the al-Nusrah Front which just days before the U.S. placed on the active terrorist listing. (On Tuesday State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland detailed the organization’s crimes in a statement announcing the terror designation and sanctions on the group. “Since November 2011, al-Nusrah Front has claimed nearly 600 attacks – ranging from more than 40 suicide attacks to small arms and improvised explosive device operations – in major city centers,” said Nuland. )
They are receiving up to $200 million dollars in U.S. aid in the form of weapons and ammunition. These same rebels claim they will use the remaining weapons against U.S. targets once they control Syria. These people that we are arming to overthrow a brutal sadistic dictator who kills his own people, will be replaced by a brutal Islamic dictator implementing Shari law and will not only kill any of his people who oppose him but will also attack Israel and the U.S. whenever they can. Dedicated enemies of the U.S. are now being armed by the taxpayers with money we have to print because we can’t borrow any more from China.
That’s the foreign policy of Obama in his second term. He certainly seems to have switched priorities. It is repeating the disaster in Libya. We gave arms to the Libyan rebels to overthrow Moammar Qaddafi and those groups have taken those arms to fight in Iraq. And of course have killed our Ambassador. During the same time frame our ally in Egypt Mubarak we encourage his overthrow only to have the country taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood who goal is to overthrow America, destroy Israel and set up a worldwide Muslim caliphate. We are giving them billions of dollars in military aid including our latest F-16’s and most advanced Abrams tanks.
Mr. Obama has clearly placed his stamp of approval on these policies- they are completely different from his predecessors. He even shook up the Chiefs Of Staff and removed some from command who disagreed with him shortly after taking office so basically everyone who reports to him know how to say “Yes, Sir” but not “No, Sir”. The Army manual has been changed and orders soldiers not to make derogatory comments about the Taliban or criticize pedophilia. The manual also states that Western ignorance of Afghan culture is responsible for the increase in violence and attacks against coalition forces- not Taliban infiltration. It’s our fault that we are being attack. List of taboo conversation topics: Don’t talk about women’s rights, don‘t criticizes pedophilia; do not direct any criticism against Afghans, mentioning homosexuality or homosexual conduct, anything related to Islam, making derogatory comments about the Taliban. You’re not allowed to talk about the enemy who is trying to kill you. And remember our troops have a very extensive “rules of engagement” that they must follow.
How do you fundamentally change America? You handicap and cripple its military power.


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