How to Fundamentally Change America

Mr. John Kerry is probably (after Mr. Obama) the most un-American political figure in the United States. There are lots of prog/libs around but those who actually blame America are pretty rare. Kerry’s viewpoints on Russia, China, and the Middle East will always be that of the other side.
Let’s look at his record in Latin America. In 1985 in the middle of the cold war he said Regan was a cowboy and we would have a nuclear war. The only thing we could do is try to co-exist with the Soviets, blah, blah, blah- usual liberal tripe. He led a congressional delegation to Nicaragua where he met with the communist Sandinista commandant Daniel Ortega. Ortega was the front man for the Soviets to get another foothold into Latin America and was being supported by Castro in Cuba. Kerry comes back and encourages Congress to vote down a $14 million deal to the contras. The next day Ortega flies to Moscow and gets a $200 million deal from the Soviets for arms and weapons. The human rights violations of the Sandinistas are well documented. John Kerry was the chief apologists for Ortega.
Forget that he has meet with Assad in Syria four times the last year. Forget about the Vietnam era. It is interesting in 2004 that the Nicaraguan and Argentina governments supported Kerry for President.
In 2009 Kerry went to bat for President Manuel Zellia of Honduras (an ally of Hugo Chavez) who was trying to unconstitutional extend his term of office- they have a limit like the U.S. of only 2 terms). The Honduran Supreme Court turned him down and ordered the military to arrest him. Chavez, Castro and Mr. Obama called it a coup d’état by the Supreme Court and cut off all aid to the country. Jim DeMint tried to go to the Honduran capital and Kerry tried to stop him. The U.S. law library wrote an opinion that the Honduran government acted correctly under their constitution. Kerry wrote a letter to the law library demanding that they retract and “correct” their opinion. Kerry sent a staff member to Ortega to encourage them to adopt the “coup” narrative.
There is a pattern here. John Kerry has taken the sides of America’s enemies over and over. And now he’ll be our Secretary of State.
Now to Chuck Hagel nominated to Secretary of Defense and John Brennan as Director of CIA. He is co-chair of Presidents Intelligence Advisory board. Hagel has not been a friend to Israel and has opposed sanctions against Iran. They are well documented everywhere else.

John Brennan is the architect of the Benghazi cover-up and believes that the Muslim Brotherhood is a secular organization and has favored torture and rendition in the past.
Mr. Obama is trying to remold the military and intelligence organizations into a personal force for his private use it seems.
How to fundamentally change America? Confuse our enemies and friends with ever changing policies and practices.


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