Gaming the System

Obama’s permanent campaign trail for immigration is on. He will travel to several states where he won the Latino vote. He should go to Atlanta where 23,994 illegal aliens used the same address to collect over $46 million dollars in IRS refunds. Another address in Phoenix had 2,027 refunds totaling $5,568,608. In Florida Palm Beach Gardens 1,972 refunds to same address for $2,256,302. San Jose, CA 1,942 at one address for $5,091,027. Arvin, CA 1,846 for $3,298,876. Raleigh, NC 2,408 for $7,284,212. The Individual Taxpayer Identification Number given to illegal aliens to try to get them to pay taxes. Instead it was used to get the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Do you think Obama will visit these addresses on his campaign tour. And he is trying to tell us it will not be a problem to add 11 million “undocumented democrats” to the roles. The illegal’s have learned how to “game” the system. Just think you pay your taxes and the government (us, you and me) then pays the illegal’s to stay in this country.


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