Homosexuality: Born that way equals you are a genetic defect

Introduction and overview

Faggots and queers for the guys and fairies and dikes for the girls are
what we called them while I was growing up. Pink and green was linked as “their” colors and you didn’t want to be caught wearing that combination. Guy on guy was always hated and considered disgusting whereas woman on woman was considered arousing and intriguing- especially if they were like Playboy or Penthouse models.

This is obviously a difficult and controversial subject to discuss-shouldn’t be, but the lunatic fringe on both sides have pushed it to be a divisive issue. It affects or will affect just about everyone in the US and possibly the world. Due to the complexity we will break it down into several areas to review: 1)Genetics/ Psychological information; 2) Biblical contexts and conflicts and 3) Historical and Current ramifications. Then we will try to summarize everything without being accused of being a homophobe, and a variety of other names.

It’s only fair to recall as much as possible what I can about my interactions with those who have chosen alternate sexual activities. Then you can decide for yourself if the discussions of the three points listed above are biased or unfair.

Terry or Teri was the first really oddball human being that I can
remember being associated with. He/She/It worked as a cooking assistant for the mental retardation unit at the Arizona State Hospital. I really liked It because he wasn’t as lazy as the rest of the staff who had been there for many years. He was always a go-getter, always wanting to do something to help out, you could always ask him for
assistance and he would provide it without question. Loved to laugh and crack jokes. When you came up from behind him it was very obvious that he was very muscular and definitely works out at the gym. And when It turned around she had a set of knockers on her that would be the envy of anyone.

Now this was between 1972 and 1974 – things were quite a bit different
then than they are now. It had obviously had breast implants, I remember him saying he had started hormone therapy, but it really wasn’t too excited about a sex operation change. He said he had the best of both worlds – he gets to have a lover caressing his breasts,  which he said felt tremendous, or he could have coitus with a woman.
So I guess It wasn’t really a LGBT or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender. So I guess officially It would be a shemale. And by the way I know I haven’t mentioned it but It was back.

Then there was Amy a true homunculus she was 4’6″ tall, absolutely, gorgeous golden blonde hair that was not from a bottle, not exactly the prettiest face in the world but she had on an adorable set of freckles on her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose. Breast size was a little bit small but most definitely perky and an absolutely infectious laughter. I knew her from about 1973 to 1976 she worked on one of the other mental retardation units at Arizona State Hospital. She found that a
number of patients had Social Security money coming in and used it to buy large three wheel tricycles for them because most of the time the patient’s were getting obese and sitting around and she worked that into an exercise program. It was common for patients to smoke and when they did it was with corncob pipes and raw tobacco. So Amy and I joined up and we would ride around the hospital grounds with 10 and 15 other patients – they would be smoking tobacco and Amy and I would be smoking marijuana in our corncob pipes. Those were the days.

I had tried several times to get Amy out of her pants and into my bed but to no avail. However, she always wanted to cut my hair which was down to the middle of my back and all curly and trim my beard, which was 13 inches long at that time. So I agreed under one condition – that she do it naked. So, Amy threw a party and I got to see and touch her naked sweaty, oily body which was a delight and a good time was had by all. I asked if we would be able to do it that night and she said only if I could find another guy or girl to join in. I wasn’t really into that so I guess that makes Amy the first bisexual I am aware of in my life.

My second wife was known as a “fag hag” meaning she tagged along with homosexual males to various events and they would feel comfortable. It had its benefits- they lavished all kinds of gifts on her: jewelry, trips, fancy restaurants. I first saw her in a bar with her long dark hair, delightful big boobs oozing out of a half buttoned tight silk blouse and blue jeans with the old saying “I wish I could’ve painted those on her.” I saw her order a drink with a cherry in it; she pulled the cherry off and put the stem in her mouth, and within a minute she stuck out her tongue and the cherry stem was tied in a knot. I had to meet that woman.

During the first couple of years both my wife and I went out occasionally with Tom who of course paid for everything. He really gave the waitresses a hard time, just harassing them over everything, but then he would tip them $50 bucks. Back in the mid-80’s that was a lot. Tom was real nice and friendly, I never really saw any of his boyfriends but he was most definitely, outwardly gay. He had that lisp as he spoke, the limp waiving of his wrists, and that little sliding walk. I’m not sure what they do with their hips, but you can just tell it’s a different kind a walk.

One evening they both asked me if I wanted to go see a stage show and I said yes. I was game, couldn’t think of any reason not to go. Went to a place that was on Van Buren and about Third Avenue. Years later that place had been converted into the United Way headquarters. We walked inside and I must admit I was in a world I would never have believed existed. Closest thing I can think of to it is the depiction of the bar in the Robin Williams movie “Birdcage.” It was just like that, all of these people pretending to be somebody other than who they were- and enjoying it. Making good money at it to, there was lots of cash going around. I just couldn’t believe that there were that many “weirdoes” in my town. An entire underground of people with
different sexual preferences than I knew what was normal. I was part of the “underground” of the hippie generation but we were more open and had stores where owners sold bongs and the food co-op and leathers and t-shirts and incense. But this was late at night and nobody but those people seemed to know anything about it. So I guess most of these people would be considered bisexual or cross-dressers.
And I never went back, now don’t get me wrong, it was entertaining, but definitely not my cup of tea.

The next odd ball sexually oriented person I can remember knowing was the head nurse of the surgical suite at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, Lydia. It was hard to guess how tall she was, about 5’2″ or 5’4,” because she always wore either white, black or red stiletto heels making her about 6 foot tall. She always wore nylon stockings instead of pantyhose and you could generally see her lacey garter belts because her white nurses uniforms were generally somewhere between her knees and her ass. Her white lab coat was long enough to cover everything unless she wanted you to see. Her long and I mean long blonde hair was always tightly curled up in a bun. Now I had just married my second wife, otherwise she would’ve proven to be an interesting woman to get to know. I managed to keep out of her grasp and transferred to the warehouse. She quit a few months later when she didn’t get the Surgical suite supervisor for the new Good Samaritan hospital under construction. Friends tell me she went into the adult porn business as a dominatrix.

While at the Samaritan Services Warehouse, I worked hard and was promoted to the Receiving Supervisor after 9 months, taking the position held by Carl when he retired after some 25 years of service. I beat out Jim for the position who had several years experience as Receiving Clerk at Good Samaritan Hospital. One of my responsibilities was to determine why there was an average quarterly loss between the warehouse and Good Sam of approximately $250,000 and to stop it. Between Thunderbird, Maryvale and Dessert Samaritan Hospitals combined we only had about a $75,000 quarterly loss. A lot of materials went through that warehouse, we emptied about 40 semi-trucks a day and sent out about 30 to the hospitals, clinics in the Samaritan system. The warehouse was so big that in the back quarter of it (which had no
swamp coolers in it), on a hot, muggy August afternoon, with the air being pushed into it from the other ¾ of the warehouse it would actually form clouds at the peak (75 feet in the air) and moisture would drop down. Literally raining inside the building.

Samaritan Health Services decided to open an entirely new warehouse just for all of the equipment that would be arriving for the new Good Samaritan hospital. Jim thought that I was going to try out for that position but I really didn’t want to, but made him think
that I would. Jim was granted the position but refused to go unless his friend Bob could go with him and be his assistant. There was a lot of confusion among our vendors because many of them were used to going to the main warehouse  to drop off supplies and we would often have to direct them to the new warehouse, which was three buildings over when we noticed that the load was for the new hospital. During the three years it took to build the new hospital the receiving department posted quarterly losses of approximately $50,000.

One would think that proved who was responsible for the losses and would expect a high loss from the project warehouse but that was not the case. Items delivered to the project warehouse were huge, many of them taking up an entire trailer –CT scanners, MRI machines, all the staff desks, lockers, cupboards and room furniture, etc. These
were large items and not the normal daily supplies that were sent to each one of the hospitals and I had made some changes in receiving procedures to help cut the losses. I wanted Jim and Bob to have that position because I had an agenda.

This was back in the late 70s early 80s and you’ve got to understand that computer systems weren’t as sophisticated and powerful as they are today. Microsoft project manager was on the marketplace and was being used by the architects and the construction company and the project warehouse. Jim had a hard time handling the computer systems so he was constantly asking me for assistance to fill in his portion of the project, which is when equipment arrived, and when he was to ship them to the construction site.

By “chance” a tractor-trailer arrived at the regular warehouse and it contained a $4 1/2 million dollar state of the art MRI unit. Knowing that it wasn’t supposed to be delivered for a couple more days, I had the tractor driver park it among a wide variety of trailers that we had between the buildings that were used for general storage. I opened up the Jim’s project management program and marked that the MRI had arrived and also marked that it had been delivered to the site. Had to do a little hacking to get into the construction site managers project (it’s a Microsoft product if you know how, it was easy to do back then) and indicated that the MRI had been installed.

The site managers went ahead and poured the concrete ceiling above the MRI which completed the next floors construction. They poured a number of walls and half of that ceiling. On the Project Mangement program it was time for the electricians to start hooking up the MRI and it was not there. It certainly worked out better than what I thought. They had to jackhammers through the one ceiling and then they had to hire a couple of extra cranes to lower the MRI down through the hole in the ceiling to the bottom basement. It took an extra $1 million and a half dollars. Nobody could figure out how it got listed as being delivered and installed. Jim and Bob were fired and I quit and went to work for the state health department immunization section.

Now why would a person like me go to all that trouble? Bob looked like that gnome that you see in the Travelocity commercials- just take his hat off, blow him up to about 5 foot, and he would look just like that gnome. He was always giggling and had his hands in front of them touching his fingers back and forth. When he was around you just felt uncomfortable. Jim was a big tall dude with inch-thick glasses. He was likable. While I was still a new worker on the dock before I got the receiving supervisor position, Jim had asked myself and my second wife to come to a party he was throwing. I wasn’t too thrilled about going but my second wife was game go to any party so we went.

When we got there and entered the house, it was apparent that we had on more clothing than everybody else combined. Jim was walking around with a Tarzan leopard skin bikini with a 18 inch dildo hanging out the front. Bob was walking around with a leather studded dog collar and his genitals locked in a leather pouch. Now it turns out that Jim casually knew my second wife, because if you remember I told you she was a “fag hag.” Therefore, they had spent some time together in other odd circumstances and Jim spent most of the time trying to get her out of her clothes. He escorted us to a back bedroom which when opened up was completely outfitted as a dungeon with all kinds of sexual implements around. He managed to separate me from my second wife and when I found them again they were snorting coke and she was bare breasted. I got angry and we left. Now I’ll admit when we got home I enjoyed the sex that she provided while high on coke, but I had made up my mind I would get back at Jim and Bob. As a biker, I don’t get mad, I get even. And so that’s why I did what I related above.

My third wife and I moved to Texas. I tried operating a computer store for a while with not much success and when Walmart built a store it ran me and many other stores out of business. I got a job in Midland with the top rated computer sellers in the area. I worked my way up from a lowly technician to the supervisor of help desk where we ran the computer systems for five local oil companies. Evelyn had a sore back and went to a physical therapist in the area, told him I was a software developer and he hired me away from Valcom to work on a  comprehensive project for him.

The owner had this thing for attracting dropdead gorgeous physical therapy interns to his facilities. Unfortunately he was a “sexist pig” and really used them for his advantage both in his business and personal life. I was always afraid that somebody would bring a sexual harassment suit against him and we would lose everything we were working on. I enjoyed the challenge of the job and I always got pretty much the latest and greatest computer equipment. New and better laptops were coming out every 6 to 9 months and the owner always wanted the greatest so I got his slightly used computer. I would have to transfer everything on his current machine to his new machine and that’s when I began to notice something very odd. Even though he had tried to erase most of it before he gave me the computer to upgrade, with my skills I could quite easily determine that he seemed to have a bad habit of looking at gay porn. I was capable of completely erasing that off of the machine after I had copied everything over to his machine, I do not complain too much because what the heck I had almost the latest greatest computer.

After several years it became obvious that as we were getting closer to a production model of the software that he was finding ways to cut down my percentage of the investment, so I determined it was best that I resign and went on to other things. About 10 years later the owner was in a traffic accident coming home from a bar at 2 AM where he ended up killing the passenger who was a very well-known rodeo cowboy in this area who was also known to be gay.

I went to Colorado to work for a while and then returned to Texas. Went to work for a company redesigning their outdated DOS based oil and gas program to a windows version. I was interviewed by a Jean Junker and yes he was as much a woman as his name would imply. Which worked out well, because his/its partner was a very attractive
middle aged woman who was as butch as can be. A perfect pairing. I worked there for 16 months and came down with the shingles- partially because just working there was driving me out of my mind. They were so far behind in  technology and it was a shame what they were trying to do. It violated everything I had learned and had taught other developers to do. It ended when I told the female partner that what she wanted me to do was the 4 P’s. She asked what was that and I said “Piss Poor Programming Practice.” They fired me and 6 years later nearly went out of business. They finally started to change the program the way I had told them they needed to during my work experience with them.

I ended up working as a contract developer on a variety of interesting projects in the bio-medical field and the oil/gas area. The individuals who were putting up the money for the projects also put up the money for me to continue my formal education. I was under the tutelage of two former NASA scientists and they assisted me in getting my advanced degrees.

I finally got a position at the AT&T call center in Midland. When I started it had over 1,500 employees and when I resigned on disability 7 years later it had about 160 and they were making plans to shut it down in August of 2013. When I got hired, I had several other employees in our training class of 26 quietly ask my why did I decide to come to work at “fairyville.” I didn’t really understand what they were talking about, but soon found out.

AT&T is probably one of the most liberal companies out there. I saw their standard discrimination disclaimer change from “sex” to “sexual orientation” to “Nothing in this material or document should be construed to indicate any discrimination based upon race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, marital status, citizenship status, military status, veteran status or any other protected characteristic.”

I soon found out what the others were asking me. I would say that approximately ¼ of the staff was of a different “sexual orientation” with an occasional “gender bender” among them. One was a peculiar individual- rather an ugly looking young man. But every Friday he/she/it came in “dressed to the nines” as a fairly attractive young lady.
Never wore the same outfit twice, other staff started a pool as to what he/she/it would be wearing. But as more and more of the pool prizes were being won by he/she/it’s friends, most of us gave up as it certainly seemed slanted.

At AT&T there were generally 12 to 15 employees for a floor manager, 6 to 7 is for managers to an area manager and the area managers responded to the building manager. In an area six months they created a new schedule based upon seniority anybody you to quit her transfer move will give you a chance that bidding for a better schedule. Our schedule was also combined with the scheduling needs of the other call centers throughout the United States. Often times you would have the opportunity to be moved among managers. I was lucky and my entire seven years there I only had two managers and a friend of mine that I carpooled with during the six years he worked there had eight managers.

I had two run-ins with what everybody called the “Butch Bitch.” The first one was when my manager suddenly took ill and had to leave and she was supposed to give me a review of lot the  Q&A people they consider a violation of the code of business conduct. I really can’t remember all the details but it was 50/50, it could have been interpreted either way. The bottom line though was a customer was happy even though I had cut her off because I was tired of listening to the BS and knew how to solve the problem. The “Butch Bitch” came on real strong stating I was literally wrong and I basically told her to stuff it because I was right and the customer was at me. So I had to have a meeting with the human relations department and two other area managers and the building manager. All I got was a slap on the wrist.

Some years later probably half of the people had left our department under fire there’s only about 800 people working at this time, we had one of the periodic improve your morale Q&A sessions. So they were all talk to you know what is it that I like about working here – and somebody brought up great insurance. At this point in time the
“Butch Bitch” began to spout off and how she love the insurance it was great for her lover or significant other and how they were very few companies that gay people could have their significant others covered with the same health insurance. I raised my hand and told her I felt that this was not the appropriate venue to discuss her sex life. She basically said tough s**t, that she wanted her talk about her sex life at a staff meeting she could do it. So I made a formal complaint to the HR department and she apparently received a reprimand. As far as I was concerned just mentioning that we have great insurance was all that was necessary. Nobody else in the room I felt wanted to know
what she did behind her bedroom doors just like no one wanted to know what I did behind my bedroom door.

So that is pretty much what I remember about my meetings with individuals whose sexual preferences are out of the ordinary. Now what do I think and feel about homosexuality, the LGBT movement and all the political controversy going on.

I’ll be outright and say I blame all the current hubris on former president Clinton. Besides institutionalizing immorality and perjuring himself with the Monica scandal, and he deliberately passed the “Defense Of Marriage Act” or DOMA. He needed something to be re-elected despite the growing Monica scandal, so it was a big show to sign off on this act- he really was a “family man.” They thought that Gore would get elected and they would be able to challenge it in court, by George Bush interrupted that. Then after 9/11 everybody put differences aside and for Bush’s second term the concentration was on the war then the economy.

The problem with DOMA was it should have recognized marriage between a man and woman (which it does) but should also have granted all of the same rights of married couples to civil unions. That would have blunted the mass demonstrations and the legal challenges that have done more than left everything up in the air and showed how politicized our Supreme Court has unfortunately become. And even worse it shows that the Governor of California and the President of the United States will stand by and enforce ONLY the laws that they wish to. They will not support laws passed legally by their constituents if they disagree with them. That is even more frightening, that the enforcement of our laws has now become dependent upon the current political party hacks. Our constitutional law where laws are to be enforced equally among all citizens no longer exits.

Sorry need to get off my soapbox…….. My position: I believe in the
sanctity of marriage as being between a male and a female and also that homosexual couples should be able to have a civil union that grants them all of the rights and responsibilities of married heterosexual couples.

Coming up “Homosexuality: Born that way equals you are a genetic
defect” Part 1= Genetics/Psychological information


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