Obamacare again

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Larry Marshall Maybe you all ought to at least listen to the following by Neil Cavuto. Made on 9/26/13 and still right on the money: http://www.foxnews.com/…/your-world-cavuto/index.html... Don’t be afraid you won’t burn in Hades if you listen to the truth for 3 minutes.

Robert ummm, okay, so I watched/listened – it’s basically like EVERY OTHER FOX NEWS SEGMENT – no truth, blasting the president, and frankly, Fox is the ONLY news station that has presented report after report (lacking facts, of course) as to how bad the health care law is. So, yeah, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.

James Fox “news” ? smh…

Larry Marshall @Robert So what did he say that was wrong? Give me something specific- stop generalizing. What did he say that was not true? I’ve seen my health insurance double for the past two years (instead of the usual 2-5% increase) just like they have reported. Again what did Mr. Cavuto say that was according to you false or not based on truth. At least you listened to it @James apparently didn’t have the courage to. (Never heard from Robert or James again during the rest of the posting.) Tammy I cant take anyone seriously when they post a link to fauxnews. Stop regurgitating and start thinking for yourself. (And are you puking up MSNBC news- please listen to it and then comment on it. Otherwise you are just showing how your mind is polluted by other peoples opinion.)

Mark Boehner needs his diaper changed. He seems cranky.

Rob Our smartest guy does fake news and it’s still more accurate than anything on Fox! LOL!

Ethel Mr. Hurley: the President is covered by an executive medical care act, which also covers his family and the Vice -President and his family. There was never a question that this group would be covered by the ACA.

Michael They talk about violating the constitution then do exactly that for political purposes.

Will Hmm maybe folks on the left hear “land of the free” and think free stuff….not free people lol

Will I think Stuart is funny but he is missing the point. This is not a fight between left and right, its a fight between the constitution and everyone in government. 1) people sing “land of the free , home of the brave” its laughable. Free. You are not free if you are dependent. You are a slave to that dependency. You are not brave if you mitigate risk by pushing responsibility on others. You are a coward. If obamacare is so great why is the president fighting sooo hard to make shure him and his family are exempted from it. You lead from the front…not the sidelines.

Gayla Thank you for your service, Will!

Francois http://thedailybanter.com/…/

That Thing About Congress Being ‘Exempted’ from Obamacare? Huge Whopper Lie.

Larry Marshall A more correct interpretation of what happened: Senator David Vitter, a Louisiana Republican, has demanded a floor vote on his bill to end an exemption that members of Congress and their staffs are slated to get that will make them the only participants in the new Obamacare exchanges to receive generous subsidies from their employer to pay for their health insurance. http://www.nationalreview.com/…#!

John Fund – Congress’s Exemption from Obamacare

Sergio Yeah, because it was Chuck Grassley who put in an amendment saying that congress and their staff HAD TO get their coverage at the exchanges as a political ploy. The Dems called him on it and it was passed with it in there. However, they already had had insurance coverage. Anyone who already had insurance coverage doesn’t need to change. I already had insurance coverage so my policy is staying exactly as it was. Since Congress and staff had most of their premiums paid by the federal government, in essence they were taking a pay cut by not having the government pay for their coverage. The subsidy is the employer contribution of their previous insurance package. They were the only ones in all of the country that were forced off of their existing coverage (thanks Sen. Grassley) so it only stands to reason that they’re the only ones getting the same employer contribution that they were receiving before the law went into effect. Duh!! (Wrong again, thousands are being kicked off their insurance programs by their employers and thousands more are having their premiums raise by 200-300%)

Brett It’s sad when the smartest guy on your side provides fake news

Alex Lmao at Cavuto and “the truth”.. You gotta be kidding me (Again, what was wrong with the points he listed- if you haven’t got the intelligence to listen to and then comment on it fairly keep your mouth shut.)

Will Joyce. Do you understand how our government is structured, and why? Yes the house holds the purse strings. The house has that power for a reason.checks and balances. The bill itself was passed via a sketchy technicality, but we don’t need to re adress that. The constitution does state that our debt will not be questioned, and that is why the republiturds have made multiple offers to fund the government, only to be rejected by dirty harry. You ask why do “they keep spending more than their limit”??? Really?? Stop watching MSLSD.

Jamie “If ands and buts were candy and nuts, it would be Christmas everyday”. THIS folks, is what Boner said at a press conference this morning when asked if the government would stay shut down when he and the President agree on the 6 week extension on the debt ceiling. This ranks right up there with kicking the dirt and hanging your head if you don’t get your way…..WHEN YOUR 2 YEARS OLD!!! Good god almighty, we have turned into a country of children who couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag!. Right now, hell, even Iraq is laughing!!

Lauren LOL

Joyce Yes really Willy! Why does the House, who is in charge of the budget and not a dollar is spent without their approval, spend more than the limit then get outraged at that fact. They are outraged that they spent money? In the U.S. If you can’t repeal a law the Constitutional way than too bad ( checks and balances). You don’t get to hold the country hostage because you lost.

Beth Is there a photo out there, somewhere in the netverse, that shows Boehner *NOT* looking like he’s either passing gas or desperately holding it back?!

Joyce B-Jay Matthews, do you understand how bills get passed? When you have tried to pass something and can not, you do not hold our credit, our 401ks and good faith of our country hostage. Sorry you don’t like the Constitutional way of passing bills but sorry. Also the Constitution states our debts will not be questioned. Since the House holds the purse strings, why do they keep spending more than our limit?

Larry Marshall Simple, too many Democrats want to spend more money than what we have.

Sergio Because when you are in a recession caused by a lack of demand (not enough jobs and not enough spending) , you spend to stimulate. If you cut spending, you will depress the economy. Not enough people have money to spend to keep a consumer based economy going. How hard is that to understand? Jeez!!

Larry Marshall @ sergio Do you not understand debt, deficit spending, borrowing against future income, free market enterprise vs socialism. You stop spending on stupid useless things such as $5 million dollars for new stemware and barware for our embassies and use that money to pay on our debts. Cut out the pork, fund what is needed and get the government out of over-regulating everything. I have a friend that owns two restaurants and wanted to buy another one that is failing in town, but decided not to because of all the new regulations that his other restaurants are grandfathered in and don’t apply. You don’t get a new credit card when you have maxed out your other cards. STOP SPENDING!!!

Will @Ethel. I understand that, but since this is his “landmark legislation” his baby, his legacy, dont you think given the amount of uneasiness surrounding it, he would take a five minute break from golf, and lead? What good for the goose is good for the gander?

Charlene Lol too good.

Roberta “The party of personal responsibility won’t take responsibility for it!”

Dana Snap!

Will Ok Joycey , why dont you breath for a second. Calm down and look at who…why…and how checks and balances have been skirted by this administration. Stop watching MSLSD and Rachel Madcow.

Angel How asinine

Trevor Megan I am not alone

Will Well not five minutes to sign up….maybe a day or so to actually sign up lol.

Will Thank you gayla

Mandy Hahahahahaha!!!

Cheryl PERFECT!!!!!

Lisa So true!

Jamie Once again, more people on here sounding like the childish ways of Boner. I love it!!

B-Jay http://www.bizpacreview.com/... obama opens up govt property for illegals rally but still has ww2 memorial closed where our nations men died so we could be here. disgusting acts. so u people are proud of this huh. Pelosi confronted at illegals’ rally: ‘Just wait . . . Americans are coming’

Michael Liebowitz is not that funny

B-Jay i cant believe this guy is so blind and deaf. the liberal govt shutdown was the fart of the senate and the people know the truth so stop with this propaganda because u have lost.

Ross In their defense, their’s DO smell like dog’s…. …I wonder why THAT is?

Justin Yes. Keep it up republicans! Less government and no Obama care is why you were elected.


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