Just think about it

From December 7, 1941 to the end of World War II in 1945 the
United States put 2 ½ million soldiers on the field, 5 million jobs were
changed or added to the production of war materials and we produced the following:

System US
Tanks and SP guns 227,235
Artillery 914,683
Mortars 657,318
Machineguns 4,744,484
Military trucks 3,060,354
Fighter aircraft 212,459
Attack aircraft 37,549
Bomber aircraft 153,615
Reconnaissance aircraft 7,885
Transport aircraft 43,045
Training aircraft 93,578
Aircraft carriers 155
Battleships 13
Cruisers 82
Destroyers 814
Convoy escorts 1,102
Submarines 422
Merchant shipping tonnage 33,993,230

In about that same amount of time Obama was unable to get a
website up and running.


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