2014 State Of The Union


Last night the a president of the United States stood up and
said to Congress, to their face, I don’t need you. I will go around you. The Constitution doesn’t matter, laws you pass don’t matter. I will do what I want. It was couched in the sweetest of terms, in the sugary language of the liberal left to disarm and to coax and cajole you into an appreciation of dictatorship. Of course, it was in sugary terms that we love because taking over the vocabulary is part of what the left does so well. They take over the vocabulary, for instance, by calling a dictatorship- an opportunity. Congress has failed to provide an ‘opportunity’, Obama must help Americans to achieve ‘opportunity’ -why because of income
inequality. We are going to have ‘Opportunity for all’ not just a few fat cats. He once again divided the country, marginalized and demonized those who disagree with him. He did what Saul Alinsky taught him to do. His purpose is to divide America, pit us one against the other for the purpose of continuing his philosophy in power.

Nothing new was said last night to deal with the latest NBC News -Wall Street Journal poll released several hours before the State of the Union. 68% of Americans say the country is either stagnant or worse since Barack Obama took office. Let’s repeat that – 68%, slightly more than two thirds of the country, believes that since Barack Obama took over as president, the country is either stagnant or worse off. Just 31% say the country is
better off!

Most respondents were asked to use feedback words to describe the public mood, they used words like this: divided, troubled, deteriorating.
What is the state of the union according to two-thirds of the Americans living in it: it is divided, troubled and deteriorating. 60% believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, 70% are dissatisfied with the
economy. Yet Obama continues to repeat the same prescriptions that have led to this dissatisfaction.

In other words he’s not a democrat -a democrat with a small ‘d’. By definition that is someone who is expressing the will of the people, and is someone who, when the people change their will- change their mind, change their mood- seeks to change the policies in order to reflect the desires of the people.

That has never been the case with Obama, he has articulated what he thinks the desire we should have is and then he has promulgated policies to achieve that in an entirely academic hypothetical context. I don’t believe he has ever responded to the concerns and will of the people, other than of course- and he did do this magnificently -to get the votes to twice become the President of the United States.

He is going to raise the federal hourly minimum wage to be paid to workers on new federal government contracts to $10.10 an hour, up from the current federal minimum wage of $7.65. Now pay attention here, he can’t go back and make it retroactive to existing contracts, so those currently as he said ‘making meals and doing laundry for our troops’ will not be affected until the contracts expire and new ones are created. Got
that! In addition, of course he still has to pressure Congress to pass legislation to make it mandatory for all other workers.

Obama has always wanted to raise the minimum wage, the Democrats and the Republicans in the house did not raise it but the Democrats
in the Senate didn’t do it either. Neither house of Congress did it. Obama is saying he has the right, without legal authority, to mandate anybody contracting with the federal government or renewing a contract- they will now have to pay their workers a minimum wage of $10.10. Now, I learned after my second watching of the “Wizard of Oz” (I didn’t believe it the first time I watched it) that there is always somebody behind the curtain in Emerald City pulling the levers. You just have to hunt for the facts.

NO ONE who works for contractors that do business with the federal government makes minimum wage. Do you think Boeing has to pay minimum wage to the riveters, wiring technicians, and plane spray
painters. Do you think the security agencies who hire retired Seals to provide security for executives of Halliburton pay minimum wage? (That ought to rile up some of you progressives). So why is Barack Obama trying to raise the minimum wage for contractors and not for example just raise the minimum wage for all federal workers, which is what an official of the Federal Workers Union wanted.

There are no minimum wage workers in federal government contract for services. Then why would you raise the minimum wage, other than the symbolic I can do what I want to do and I don’t ‘t need Congress attitude. This has nothing to do with that. This is payback time for the so-called “union loyalty.” This has everything to do with the demand that was made on him by the AFL-CIO and by every public employee group before the last election. As soon as you can get the minimum wage raised, for instance lets go back to Boeing (if they had a minimum wage worker) then a
minimum wage worker would go from $7.65 to $10.10. THEN by contract all of the union workers above that grade scale would have to be adjusted up. This is not a 38% increase in the minimum wage, this is a 38% increase in every single wage, of everyone working for a government contractor that has a contract. What this is about is raising the cost to the taxpayers of the next F-35 strike fighter jet by 38% in order to pay off the unions.

In the speech Obama included a proposal for retirement savings for people who don’t have retirement plans at the workplace. You will be able to deduct a percentage of your paycheck, which will be used to
purchase treasury bonds. The White House believes this proposal does not require legislative action. Apparently, the president and his minions
believe they can start a pension program without any legal authority. Two
things wrong here, the concept that you would ever fall for the idea that you should anchor your retirement in the purchase of treasury bonds is beyond belief. No financial advisor would set up a sound retirement program that would be composed of skimming your paycheck to
purchase treasury bonds. Treasury bonds, of course, are immediately known as Barry bonds and they’re just as artificially pumped up as the baseball player of the same name. The government pumps $85 billion dollars into purchasing our own treasury bonds because NO OTHER countries want to any more – except China occasionally. And do you
REALLY trust the government to keep your retirement money safe and sound? They have raided Social Security and Medicare Trust funds whenever they have felt like – both Republicans and Democrats.
Will you really trust their guarantee that your money will be their when
YOU decide to retire? Sounds like a Bernie” Madof ponzi scheme doesn’t it.


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