The SOTU-past, present, future


Here is what Eisenhower said in part for the SOTU in January of 1955 “The past year 1954, was one of the most prosperous years in our history. Business activity now surges with new strength, production is rising, employment is high and toward the end of last year average weekly wages in manufacturing were higher than ever before. Personal income after taxes is at a record level, so as consumer spending. Construction activity is reaching new peaks, export demand for our goods is strong. State and local government expenditures on public works are rising. Savings are high, credit is readily available.”

There was a time in America when we were like that.

Here was Ronald Reagan in 1985 right after he was re-elected “four years ago we said we would invigorate our economy by giving people greater freedom and incentives to take risks and letting them keep more of what they earn. We did what we promised and a great industrial giant is reborn. Tonight we can take pride in 25 straight months of economic growth, the strongest in 34 years, a three-year inflation that averaged 3.9%, lowest in 17 years and 7.3 million new jobs in two years with more of our citizens working than ever before.”

There was a time in America when we were like that.

Let’s go back to Calvin Coolidge on December 4, 1928 talking about the economy “The great wealth created by our enterprise and industry and saved by our economy has had the widest distribution among our own people.” In other words, income inequalities is down using modern vocabulary. He went on to say that “and the income distribution has gone out in a steady stream, to serve the charity and the business of the world. Requirements of existence have passed beyond the standard of necessity into the region of luxury. An enlarging production is consumed by increased demand at home and expanding commerce abroad. The country can regard the present satisfaction and anticipate the future with optimism.”

There was a time in America when we were like that.

Calvin Coolidge in the same address “Last June the estimates showed a threatened deficit for the current fiscal year, if this is permitted, of $94 million. Under my direction, the departments began saving all they could out of the present appropriations. The last tax reduction brought an encouraging improvement in business beginning early in October which will also increase our revenue.”

Did you get that? Government revenue tax rates got cut, more people
took the risk and invested, more revenue went back into the government
as well as the pockets of private people. That is Economics 101- unless you go to a liberal college and university that teaches economic theory instead of economic acts.

Coolidge continued “The combination of economy and good times now indicates a surplus of about $37 million. This is a margin of less than 1% and makes it obvious that the Treasury is in no condition to undertake increases in expenditures to be made before June 30. It is necessary therefore for Congress to refrain from appropriations for immediate outlay. If such are absolutely required, to provide for them by new revenue, otherwise we shall reach the end of the year with the unthinkable result of an unbalanced budget. For the first time during my term of office, we face that contingency. I’m certain that the Congress would not pass and I should not feel warranted in approving
legislation which would involve us in that financial disgrace.”

There was a time in America when we were like that.

Today America is like this.

The New York Times op-ed piece today from one Timothy Egan and his idea is that we ought to have more government, bigger government, higher deficits because that is the only way we are going to recover. “The least productive Congress in nearly half a century has rarely looked more out of sorts than during the speech that put its members on notice for their irrelevance.” He is celebrating the fact that Obama flat-out told people in Congress, to their face, that if they don’t do what he wants he will simply go around them and do it anyway. This man is celebrating their “irrelevance.” He goes on to say the presidents wish list: a rise in the minimum wage, healthcare that doesn’t dump sick people, resolve to do something with the basic fact of climate change, and the scourge of income inequality is backed in poll after poll by the majority of Americans.

The president’s wish list: a rise in the minimum wage is the only thing on that wish list that does have 51% of the polls. ObamaCare is way down to about 43% approval. The basic fact of climate change is not believed anymore by a majority people. The scourge of income inequality is not a scourge and income inequality is no more or less than what it used to be. In fact, it’s about average for the last 30 years and if it has gone up at all it’s gone up more in the past than in the last five.

But liberals don’t like facts.

The New York Times likes this though, they like the idea of America after Calvin Coolidge. They like the idea that America was in the New Deal, that there were shovel ready projects meant you went out and got a shovel and got paid. In fact, their headline was this: “Confronting old problem may require a new deal.” So in advocating for more government, more expenditures, more unbalanced budgets-this is the new America. This is Obama’s America and is one increasingly unpopular- particularly among people who remember when America was not like this.

About this time my b**ls**t meter was overloaded and I had to take some Pepto. I have now summoned up the courage to go through the rest of the speech. I have more counter b**ls**t facts lined up and probably will post my final analysis of the SOTU speech on Saturday.


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