The Liar in Chief- part 3 SOTU


It’s not just me saying it- even liberals are beginning to count them and make excuses for them. Here is a list by a conservative at

Some liberals sought to explain how unpopular Obama has become and his policies and all the wish list by saying there’s a great disconnect in American politics today. The unemployment rate is down, Dow Jones averages on the rise, consumer confidence is up, what’s the story with this right direction -wrong direction thing, where just a year ago the public was 35% certain it was going in the right direction, now it’s only 28%. What’s the story with the Obama approval rating which in January 2013 was 52% now 43%? What’s the story with a year ago if you were optimistic and satisfy with Obama’s remaining time in office was 51% and now it’s 40%? What’s wrong with the American people said MSNBC in their poll.

As for the speech itself, I won’t inflict upon you the pain of extended
quotations (you can all look it up and listen to it as long as you have a
bottle of Pepto-Bismol with you), but there are some lines that beg for a Pinocchio or two.


Obama is still trying to court the women vote so he made this statement: “Today the women make up about half our workforce. But they still make only $.77 for every dollar a man earns. That is wrong and in 2014 that’s an embarrassment. Women deserve equal pay for equal work.”

Now, I really don’t know all the details equal pay for equal work is calculated. From my own experience, I worked in a call center and everybody got paid the same salary – except you received yearly raises the longer you work the higher
your pay. The only way to get further ahead would be to get a promotion into a another position. I have also worked as a software developer in a large group programming environment where we all got paid different salaries based upon want the project manager fills ourcontributions to the project was. I have also been a software project manager and I paid my developers regardless of their gender based upon what they were contributing to the accomplishment of the project.

What happens if this year a CEO of Technology at a major company say T-Mobile versus the CEO of Technology at AT&T. I would certainly expect no matter what the gender of either CEO, that the AT&T CEO would get paid more than the CEO of Technology at T-Mobile because it is a much bigger company. But if the T-Mobile CEO was a female and got paid $3 million a year less than the AT&T CEO then that could have an effect on the average woman’s versus man for equal work job calculation.

Then you have the ball-chasers at the U.S. Tennis Open. I’m sure that both genders get paid the same amount to shout “Out” and chase the ball to get it off the court. If not, I sure it would be a high society scandal that they would get fixed quickly. Of course, that makes me wonder if the ball-chasers at the Tucumcari Country Club get paid anywhere near what the U.S. Tennis Open ball-chasers get. But that’s another kind of income inequality that will have to be address some other time.

What group of people can we look at that would be consistent? We could look at Obama’s White House staff, the personal staff to the president, which is over 500 people. The personal staff to the president, there are about as many women and as men, but they are not equal in terms of pay. The women get $.87 for every dollar paid to a man working at the White House. And I’m not talking about an average, I’m talking about comparisons for the same kind of work, people of the same sort of job classifications making different money- because one is a woman and one is a man. Talk about a war on women when the President has that kind of disparity in his own staff.


The President claimed the lowest unemployment rate in over 5 years. He has been in office 5 years, so we are back to where he was before he took office- if you believe the numbers. Remember, he changed how unemployment numbers were calculated. Any economist will tell you this is the weakest post recession jobs recovery in history. The economy is not growing fast enough to help the more than 10 million unemployed Americans and the discouraging jobs picture has caused hundreds of thousands of Americans to give up looking for work. Last month the net new jobs created was 74,000 new jobs at the same time that 347,000 Americans dropped out of the workforce- they stopped looking for jobs. The total number of adult population participating in the labor force (meaning they have a job) 62.8%. That leaves 37.2% of all adults DO NOT have a job. That’s the lowest level since 1978. 11.3 million adults have dropped out of the labor force under the Obama administration. Total employment has grown by 2.4 million jobs. That means there are five new workforce dropouts for every new employee.


That’s the new definition of recovery the administration is pushing and hoping the people are falling for it.

And one of the things that have ruined the middle classes is our broken healthcare system. “Already because of the Affordable Care Act more than 3 million Americans under age 26 have gained coverage under their parents plan. More than 9 million Americans have signed up for private insurance or Medicaid,… and here’s another number zero. Because of this law no American, none, zero can ever again be dropped or denied coverage for pre-existing conditions like asthma or back pain or cancer. No woman can be charged more just because she is a woman. And we did all of this by adding years to Medicare finances, keeping Medicare premiums flat, and lowering prescription costs for millions of seniors.”

There are benefits for certain select people and he called them out. But for most people but for most people this law is a catastrophe. This law means higher premiums, higher out-of-pocket costs, less choice, 6.4 million Americans got their insurance canceled with the doctors they like. Some of them were able to sign up again, many of them getting subsidies but many more not getting any subsidies because they were people who made just enough money to kick them out of the subsidy range. Many found out that they had inferior coverage from their own needs than what they used to have, the one that was canceled. I know I am repeating what I have written about many, many times on this blog but for Obama to praise this catastrophe as something good is amazing to me.

By their own faulty figures only 24% of those who have enrolled in ObamaCare, belongs to the targeted audience of 18 to 34-year-olds. The Obama administration’s own estimate is they need 38% to keep premiums from rising again later in this year.

He also talked about energy, the man who won’t approve the Keystone XL
pipeline as railroad cars full of oil blow up in neighborhoods around North
America. Of course, I am sure that his good friend Warren Buffet (who owns approximately 90% of the oil tank cars in North America) losing a small fortune if the pipeline was approved has nothing to do with that.


Here is what he said about natural gas: “One of the biggest factors in bringing more jobs back is our commitment to American energy. The all of the above energy strategy I announced a few years ago is working. You today America is closer to energy independence then we have been in decades.” The only reason are closer to energy independence is because we still have private property, that’s where all the natural gas and oil exploration increases have been. Obama has been closing off, as Clinton did before him , wide swaths of publicly owned land from any kind of exploration.

I’ve already discussed the idiotic MyRA. No need to say anything more until the complete package comes out.

No need to say anything more about any other BS he mentioned. I had fun getting the images. Any comments, questions, other facts and figures that you think are more accurate than what I have brought forward.


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