How many people actually earn minimum wage?


Patty Murray Democratic Senator of Washington presenting to Democratic
majority, talking about the minimum wage: “They (meaning the Republicans) have been prepared to tell one in four women in America that $7.25 an hour, which is only enough to buy a couple of gallons of gasoline, is enough for them to support themselves and their kids.” In other words minimum wage workers HAVE to make enough to support a family. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan “We are not talking about teenagers or even college students- we are talking about adults who are working full-time and still in poverty.”

I’m sorry Patty and Debbie but you are lying, or are woefully ignorant! I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and just say you are woefully ignorant. Here are the actual facts from the Obama administration: In 2012 according to the IRS, 3.7 million Americans reported earning $7.25 or less per hour. That happens to be just 2.9% of all the workers in the United States. Now who are they? About half are young workers, usually in school, who are in a household making over $53,000 a year. About half are adults indeed , however they are adults they’re in a household with an average family income of $42,500 a year, many of them most of them actually working part-time, a sizable number are married. In
other words a household where one person has a full-time job, the other person takes care of the house and works a part-time job to bring in a little more money.

That is who is making the minimum wage. Democrats continue to make it sound like they’ve got to raise the minimum in order to have a household and two kids (not withstanding that approximately 68% of black households have only one parent) and if they don’t make an effort to support that then it’s an unfair wage. The minimum wage is just an artificial construct, which is absolutely refuted by the facts. It just goes on because people in public government simply lie to make their point. If the facts don’t fit their point, they make up facts



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