Legitimizing IRS harrassment


The administration has proposed a Treasury Department regulation that would create a new term. It is a term to be called “candidate related political activity” or CRPA. Now this new term would be used by the IRS to decide which 501(c)(3)or 501(c)(4) etc. nonprofit organizations qualify for tax-exempt status. It would now allow the IRS to send out the very questionnaires (that started the non-scandal –according to Obama- of reviewing conservative applications). It would include questions like: who spoke at your meeting, what did you say at the meeting, how many members do you have, what did they say at the meetings, who were the officers, what were there backgrounds.

All that stuff that is an invasion of the privacy of people who to be involved in politics. If you don’t answer the questionnaire then the IRS will now have a valid reason to not give the tax-exempt status. This means of course, that if you get a contribution than you have got a pay taxes on it. They’re going to crack down on conservative groups trying to organize against the president or the Democrats in the Senate race coming up 2014.

Now you’re saying and I agree, that this rule applies to everybody so wouldn’t it apply to the liberal groups as well. No and it is a very easy reason understand, as it’s already been done and proven before Congress in that IRS 501(c)(3) applications that come through for instance for the Barack H Obama Foundation was approved in two weeks. And there are tea party groups that have not been approved in more than three years. Don’t think everybody’s going to be treated equally, some as George Orwell famously wrote, are simply more equal than


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