The next big socialist cause


Noam Scheiber senior editor at the New Republic has an article out, which is basically a trumpet call for the next great progressive goal. The next big major social welfare project, according to Mr. Scheiber in his words ‘they’re still at least one major social welfare project the left must see through before anyone considers their mission accomplished. The issue is the vast injustice that arises from the way the laws applied to different classes of citizens.” This goes back to the 1% rich people just get better representation in court than the poor people do. He points out that William Kennedy Smith was acquitted of rape charges in the early 90s. Martin Erzinger a Colorado money manager maimed a cyclist in a hit-and-run and escaped felony charges by arguing the smell of his new Mercedes-Benz had aggravated his sleep apnea which briefly knocked them out. In 2011 William Jennings a Wall Street bond executive stabbed a cabdriver with a 2 ½ inch bade over an exorbitant fare and somehow got the charges dropped.

He brings up the case of a couple of the young people in Fort Worth. One of them 16-year-old Eric Miller got drunk on a bottle of vodka stole a pickup truck from a convenience store and plowed into a car the car killing the driver. He got 20 yearsin jail. 10 years later, Ethan Couch, also 16, picked up several friends in his fathers pickup, stole 2 cases of beer from Walmart, drove erratically until he collided with a disabled vehicle, killing its driver and three passersby. Now Couch got the best lawyers that his wealthy parents could find and got psychologists to argue that Ethan suffered from an obscure malady known as ‘Affluenza.’ Affluenza, in which wealthy parents render their children blameless by failing to discipline them. Prosecutors asked for the same 20 years they did for the other kid, the poor one. The judge is the same one who sentenced Miller to 20 years, set Couch free with a condition that he go to a rehab in facility.

So Scheiber goes through all these cases, and we don’t know all the facts of these cases, we don’t know why there would be something different. But he uses this to launch into how all the other enlightened countries Britain and Canada and France and Sweden and Finland and Australia all have subsidized lawyers. Government lawyers to make sure that it’s an even playing field in the courtroom. If you are accused of a crime the first thing that needs to happen is that the government has to limit what rich people can spend on their defense. The government would tell you how much you can spend to defend yourself against the government. With regard to the poor people the government will supply lawyers for the poor people that are at least as good as the lawyers for the rich people. Right!


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