US-Iran treaty


It is funny how liberals are caught up and believe their own stuff. We just need to negotiate with Iran and we can avoid a war. Finally somebody said what most of us have known. The top U.S. nuclear negotiator Wendy Sherman admitting today, that under the agreement with Iran, under which billions of dollars of formerly frozen money from the trade embargo are now flowing to the mullahs, admitted that Iran could continue developing ballistic missiles. There was nothing in the agreement that shut down Iran’s ongoing development of ballistic missiles. This was in a meeting by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the negotiator Wendy Sherman conceded that the US had failed to “shut down Iran’s ongoing development of ballistic missiles.” And she continued “.. while it is true, that in the first six months, we’ve not shut down all of their production of any ballistic missile that could have anything to do with delivery of a nuclear weapon. That is indeed something that has to be addressed as part of a comprehensive agreement.”

The Iranians are laughing. There are never going to discuss these missiles, they have three satellite launches into space in coming weeks. The technology of course, used to launch a satellite is very similar to that used for ballistic missiles to go to any place on earth such as Tel Aviv. There is no way they are giving up their nuclear program- they got to keep all the uranium they have already enriched, they just dismantled some centrifuges (which they could put back together and get to weapons strength uranium in 6 months time). All of this has been a fake, to try to get the American people to believe that negotiations is just a far better way to resolve differences than resorting to war. Missing of course, the point of the Reagan Administration, aside from Grenada, never got into war. Why? Because we determined to be so strong and so obviously determined to respond to any provocation with overwhelming force that nobody ever dared to attack us.


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