Your medical records in Belarus


If you signed up for insurance health insurance, at all, either ObamaCare or anything else, if you have gone to a doctor since October, if you have gone to the hospital since last October, your personal private medical records are now in the hands of gangsters in Belarus, a place I’ll bet you had no idea exists. Belarus is some little country, basically a vassal state of Russia, and always has been nestled in between Poland and the Ukraine.

They have a nominal president who is just a thug and they are part of the Russian “Mafia” and do the dirty work for Putin. The gangsters, of course, have learned more about some of the computers that we developed and the software being built by CGI Federal which is a wholly owned subsidiary of CGI Group, a Canadian company whose CEO went to college with Michelle Obama and joined her in the radical groups on campus. The CGI Group contacted part of the software that interacts with servers to a group in Belarus (that way they would not technically violate the part of the contact that stated that all software that interacts with personal information would be developed by CGI Federal in the U.S.) .

The United States Intelligence Agency has warned the Obama administration that the healthcare network in this country includes in its computers malicious software that had been developed by computer programmers contracted in Belarus to do the work. HHS, of course denies they used Belarus contractors and technically they are correct.

The Belarus government has praised the fact that one of its clients is HHS. For some reason or other and under some evidence, the U.S. Intelligence Agencies, who by the way manage to intercept all digital communications so they should know, are saying all of your medical information, all of your personal information, is now available to the gangsters in Belarus. How that information may be used or misused is anybody’s guess. I leave you with 3 other sources to look up. Progressives deny it, conservatives question it.

I can tell from the ‘buzz’ on the software discussion boards I have maintained membership in – including two in the medical field and one in the security field- it appears true. The word on the boards is it was a Trojan horse in the server software that allowed them access to download the patient information. How we were so stupid as to not check for that on these servers before setting them up- well that is typical of government workers. Fortunately, it was encrypted using a 128 bit encryption scheme- but unfortunately it won’t take them to long to crack it.


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