Goose-stepping Democrats


Now here’s a stat you can stick into your next political conversation. The progressives always seem to say that the Republicans are the party of ‘NO’, that they always vote along party lines creating gridlock. Well, the Congressional Quarterly (which is not a tea party publication) looked at the actual votes in the United States Congress as to party line votes- defined as votes where a majority of one party votes on one side of an issue. A majority of the party lines votes, it turns out, in 2013 where Senate Democrats who were unanimous 52% of the time. That’s the highest percentage of unanimous goose-stepping votes the Congressional quarterly can locate, in either party, in the history of the United States. In the House, on party line votes that were not unanimous, where most of the votes lined up on a party basis, were at a record high proportion of almost 70%.

On average, an individual Senate Democrat voted with the party 94% of the time. So when these incumbent Democrats talk about how independent they are of Obama, how they really don’t always go along with the president, how they have had misgivings about ObamaCare from the beginning just mention that none other than the Congressional Quarterly lists you folks as being continuously goose-stepping 94% for Obama. You are voting independent 6% of the time


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