Obamacare mandate change not political


The employer mandate was supposed to be in full force on January 1 of this year, it was delayed to January 1 of2015, now employers with less than 100 employees will have until January 1, 2016 to comply with the employer mandate. The obvious conclusion is he can’t take the political heat of every company with less than 100 employees coming up against the obvious failure of ObamaCare. It costs more for less, it costs more to get insurance coverage you don’t need. And this is a new kicker, and one of the many things that are wrong with ObamaCare, the employer is no longer required to give health insurance to the families of your

Let that sink in a minute. The employer has the cover the employee’s but not dependents. Oh, the irony of it all, forcing everyone into the individual market for spouse or kids trying to get any kind of coverage until 2016 making this Hillary Clinton’s problem. In other words, we are about ready to take a big fat nosedive in the 2014 elections unless I do something -so I’m going to do something. I’ll just delay the employer mandate for people with less than 100 employees until whenever.

However, there is nothing in the law that allows him to do that- the law says it is supposed to take effect on January 1, 2015. Because he wrote the law, this is not something Republicans wrote, this is something the Democrats wrote. The Democrats in the Senate and a lobbyist for all these firms that they got tied into this thing, insurance companies saying yes we will get 30 million new customers. They write this thing down because these deadlines are important to increase the risk pool in order to keep the premiums down. If you take people out of this risk pool, the rates will go up for the remaining people.

Arbitrarily, without legal basis, changing the law that Congress has passed to try to get more Democrats elected- tired of politics as usual anyone.


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