The Majestic Obama


The president on 2/10/14 admitted while he was walking in the garden on the porch at Monticello the home of Jefferson, with the president of France, “I can do whatever I want.” He was meeting with the French president when the head of the Monticello Foundation said the Jefferson loved to admire the landscape from garden, so Obama says “I would like to take a closer look,” and walks away from the scripted tour and the security forces from both countries went into panic mode. Obama walks away and who could really blame him, it is a beautiful view from the garden, but of course, security was freaking out running around like
crazy to widen their ‘secure zone’, they were driving everybody else’ on the scripted tour crazy. And Obama says to the pool reporters trying to follow him recorded the French president saying that he was luck to be able to break loose from the script and they recorded Obama saying back to him, “That’s the good thing about this, I am the president and I can do whatever I want.”

“I can do whatever I want.” Not only do we have a president who changes written law as he sees fit for political gain, but he is openly admitting to it. Does anybody, liberal, conservative, wherever you are the political spectrum, do you believe that you are more comfortable now that you’ve heard the president insist “I can do whatever I want to.”


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