Liberal hypocrisy


It turns out that Sen. Tim Kaine a Democrat from Virginia, an ardent opponent of the Keystone XL pipeline has a problem. He’s made speeches, penned guest editorials against the XL pipeline. He has a huge investment of $50,000 in Kinder- Morgan Energy Partners, this is according to his most recent financial disclosure statement. Kinder is assessing building a pipeline to directly compete with Keystone. Kinder, in other words, is talking about expanding an existing Canadian pipeline that they own with an expansion of the Trans-Mountain pipeline. Thos one travels west across Canada to Vancouver and then the oil will be exported to China.
Let us repeat that: this United States Senator from Virginia, has a $50,000 investment in a rival company to build, not the Keystone XL to take Canadian oil into the United States, but to take it to the West Coast of the Canada and export it to China. Senator Kaine writes in the Washington Post in his column, saying the real issue is not the pipeline, instead it is the wisdom of using tar sands oil. Good grief, you’ve invested $50,000 into a company that is going to transport the same tar sands oil to China.

Here is another hypocrite, one California Congressman Alan Lowenthal. He also has up to $50,000 invested in Enbridge Energy Management. He also has $15,000 in Kinder- Morgan Energy Partners and $50,000 in Kinder-Morgan Management, another company. All of these companies involved in the same thing as described with Senator Cain.

Both of these fine upstanding persons (and probably more, if we had the time to review all of the financial disclosure statements) have been outspoken advocates against the pipeline and voted against legislation which would’ve approved the pipeline without a sign off from the president. They were part of 22 Democrats that wrote a December letter to the administration, insisting that the Keystone pipeline would be detrimental to the environment.

More honestly, it would be detrimental to their investments.


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