Pelosi is a pretzel


This just cracked me up today. I was a little bit down after physical therapy- my knees were hurting. So down in Florida’s 26th congressional district, the Democrats are guiding Joe Garcia’s candidacy and he is running away from Obama as fast as he can. The surprising part of the story is an ad that is basically critical of ObamaCare being run on his behalf, paid for by a super pac controlled by Nancy Pelosi.

The ad that they’re paying for attacks ObamaCare. That is how desperate they are to win. They’re going to attack their own creation. House Majority Pac is responsible for the ad. That’s the one set up, the political action committee, by and for Nancy Pelosi to regain control of the House majority so she can get to be speaker again. To do that she will attack legislation she has been championing, pushing, prodding everybody to support since day one.

It is stunning, Nancy Pelosi is turning into a pretzel. You have no idea how and what she stands for anymore.


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