To or not use presidential power

Remember when Chris Christie was pilloried with 1,842 separate media pieces condemning him for involvement (still no evidence to this day) personally in closing the George Washington Bridge which made life miserable for the average person. Keeping that example in mind, of how a politician is treated when he makes the lives of ordinary people miserable, let me inform you that there is now a salt shortage in New Jersey, and we are not talking about what you put on your food.

It’s the salt used to try to get cars through the mess of these incredible snowstorms they have been having. There was a barge in Maine set
to sail with 40,000 tons of salt for the tri-state area including Jersey City, etc. where there were running out of stuff, they’re using some kind of liquid, sea sand and liquid brine to combat the snow on city streets. So they needed the salt.

Federal officials stopped the barge from sailing from Maine because of the 1920 Federal Maritime Act that prevents foreign-flagged vessels from moving cargo from one US port to another US port. The act of course, has a waiver clause. Obama, who could have let me be blunt, legally waived the provisions of the 1920 Federal Maritime Act to allow the salt in an emergency situation to get New Jersey. He seems to have no trouble waiving parts of other laws that by the way have no such ‘waiver clause’ built into them.


The unions, AFL-CIO, has made it an absolute bedrock notion that the 1920 Federal Maritime Act may not be waived by any president for any emergency. How do I know this? This same issue came up in the BP explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. There were foreign tankers and skimmers in the area, because a lot of people are drilling in the Gulf since we won’t. And they don’t have any where near as strict rules as we do so they have lots of spills- oh you didn’t know that did you. So they have developed some pretty impressive equipment to contain the spills. One Dutch skimmer can suck up 10 times the amount of oil that US skimmers can and reprocess it on the ship so it can be refined at a port facility.

Instead of allowing foreign-flagged vessels to move from one port to another, the Obama allowed for more oil to stain the ocean and to wash on shore of America’s beaches. He had the legal authority to do it but being a marionette for the unions he chose to let many American businesses suffer disastrous loses and tried to make BP pay for it all.


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