Lame Duckism


So it is apparent the we have an ineffective, lives in a bubble, completely detached, unconcerned and disconnected lame-duck president NOW, instead of beginning in 2014 which would be normal. What will the next two years be like? We can get an idea, remember the old saying about the about the Post Office- neither rain nor snow, nor dark of night, can keep them from their appointed rounds. It goes back a hundred years or more and works most of the time except for one branch office, it is shut down in Riverdale, and they have had no mail deliveries or pickups since the middle of last week. The employees were nowhere to be found.

That’s how the government works now, under Barack Obama. In fact because of the weather, we have better winters, we’ve had worse years, some with no snow, some with more snow. Between snow days, official holidays, and the government shutdown, federal employees have worked less than 75% of the time that they should have since October 1st. That could be a blessing in disguise because an extra 25% of mischief did not happen. On the other hand if you are looking for value for your dollar, maybe we could fire 25% of them and still get the job done.

Speaking of that government, that of course is attempting to ruin, excuse me, to run your healthcare just be reminded that they can’t even predict the weather much less predict the climate. Last fall, the Climate Prediction Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted temperatures would be above normal during the months of November through January across much of the lower 48 states. (For Fiscal Year (FY) 2014, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) proposes a budget of $5,447.7 million, an increase of $541 million or 11 percent above the FY 2012 Enacted. ). Funded with your tax dollars and your great, great, great, great grandchildren’s tax dollars as well. Predicted back in, that the November through January temperatures across the upper Midwest and East would be “above normal temperatures” and they produced multi-colored maps to show how much each area would be above normal. Of course, that portion of the United States seems to be having record snowfalls and freezing temperatures according to the mainstream media sources. Unbelievable, but understandable- whatever anybody related to this administration says just believe the opposite.

“Not one of our better forecasts,” admits Mike Halpert, the Climate Prediction Center’s acting director. The center grades itself on what it calls the Heidke skill score, which ranges from 100 (perfection) to -50 (monkeys throwing darts would have done better). October’s forecast for the three-month period of November through January came in at -22. Truth be told, the September prediction for October-December was slightly worse, at -23. The main cause in both cases was the same: Underestimating the mammoth December cold wave, which brought snow to Dallas and chilled partiers in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

If these guys can’t predict in September and October what’s going to happen between November and January, how in the world can they possibly know that the ocean is going to rise by two and half inches in 2050. They don’t and can’t but it is an article of faith among them and they get shocking support with their world of insanity out of the mouth of the Secretary of State of the United States of America John Kerry. In Indonesia on 2/20/2014 he said this, “Climate change can now be considered another weapon of mass destruction, perhaps the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.” Wolf Blitzer had Newt Gingrich on and asked him if Kerry should quit and Gingrich just laid into him. “Look at the violence in Kiev, look at the violence Syria, look at the violence in Iraq, look at the Iranians trying to get a nuclear weapon, look at a hundred plus nuclear weapons in Pakistan, look at the Chinese nuclear arsenal, the Russian nuclear arsenal. This is not a U.S. Senator making a wild speech to please the left. This is the Secretary of State of the United States of America at an international forum saying that the greatest threat is global climate change, during a year in which his facts were just plain wrong.”

So you may know the name of John Kerry (the man who threw the medals he authorized for himself in Vietnam in the Washington Tide Pool) but probably not Robert Malley. He has been appointed by the president to be the Senior Director at the White House to the National Security Council -overseeing the administration’s Middle East policy. You know that policy, which fell apart in Iraq, fell apart in Syria, fell apart in Egypt, fell apart in Libya, alienated Turkey, got Israel mad as hell and looming over all of this is the failed diplomacy with Iran. Where was their success in the Middle East? Here comes Robert Malley, who argued that it was time to talk to the Hamas, who admitted in 2008 that it was important to meet with Hamas to ensure peace for Israel. He told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell that through the International Crisis Group think tank he had formed, he had in fact been meeting secretly with Hamas and with senior members of the Obama campaign staff during 2008.

Two and a half more years of a lame duck presidency. It is going to get worse when you look at the people who are developing policies and you can say is it is going to get a lot worse.




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