At least Israel has cojones


The Israeli Navy is certainly still on the ball. They intercepted a Panamanian registered freighter in the Red Sea between Saudi Arabia and Egypt. They found
advanced rockets capable of a hundred mile range, under tons of sacks of cement in the hold of the ship destined for the Palestinian militants in Gaza. They traced the route these rockets traveled. They were made in Syria according to Chinese designs, flown to Tehran, transported to an Iranian port and shipped to Iraq so that they were repackaged and hidden and shipped from the Iraqi port to Egypt. This is how much Iraq has become a vassal state of Iran. This is the fourth or fifth ship the Israelis have intercepted with all kinds of rockets and munitions, because Iran is waging war on Israel and will wage war until they conquer Israel and kill all of the “Jew’s. ”

In the meantime we are talking, we are negotiating, and signing useless one sided treaties and Iran has become so confident they have actually published a picture today (3/6/14) from the Iranian Defense Ministry showing missiles that they called the 5K-110. This has multiple entry warheads and is a technology developed by the United States and given to China in the 1990s by Clinton to show the Chinese we wanted peace. Now a full scale working version if it has made its way to surprise Iran.



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