confiscate my guns- no way


An interesting confrontation is occurring between laws passed by the state of Connecticut and the people of the state of Connecticut. The State legislature is requiring all gun owners, not just new purchasers to register their guns. If you had a gun for many years before the passing of this law- you still have to ‘voluntarily’ register it. Gun owners are simply not signing up. Apparently 350,000 gun owners in Connecticut have refused to sign up, so now the state of Connecticut says that all citizens must register their rifles and their ammunition magazines (so that they do not carry more than ten bullets at a time) or be charged with a felony. The legislature has indicated that if there is no voluntary compliance, the State of Connecticut will seize the guns. Now how are they going to do that?

Well turns out, according to Connecticut State Police spokesman Lieutenant Vance the state police in Connecticut will comply with an order from the State legislature to conduct door to door searches and gun confiscation if found. We don’t know if they will go to a home and smash in the door if the owner refuses entrance or if they will get a blanket search warrant (which seems unconstitutional)

A helpful suggestion, if you live in Connecticut you can kind of suggest to the police where they need to start searching. It would be in the public housing projects in the Bridgeport and New Haven and Hartford areas. But that would mean that they would pick up illegal weapons held by felons and might just might cause a dent in the overall crime rate. Instead , they want to start in the upper income law-abiding areas of New Canaan, in Westport and in Greenwich.

Okay, Connecticut what you’re really after is law-abiding citizens people with guns to produce an increase in fines to the state’s coffers, instead of a measurable increase in public safety.


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