DOD contractors vie for Itanian contracts


Remember, that drone which ‘mysteriously’ landed in Iran after losing
radio contact with the American controllers in Pakistan? And of course the top secret tail section of the helicopter that crashed in the Bin Laden raid? All shipped to China so they can duplicate them and whip them out to other terrorist states.

Now our leadership is allowing our defense contractors the bid on Iranian contracts with the billions released from the sanctions. These contractors were responsible for building the weaponry we depend upon to defend our country. Yesterday Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, sidestepped questions. He was asked about at least 13 Pentagon contractors, private companies who are currently seeking to do business with Iran, because Obama dropped the sanctions there. These companies are struggling to step over each other to get at the billions of dollars available from Iran to build the Iranian weaponry, in some cases the same weaponry that Barack Obama refuses to allow to be built in the United States.

Boeing, General Electric and all kinds of other international companies from other countries as well, are trying to get the Iranian military business and not a peep from the White House. Do you think that’s in the best interest of the United States?



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