Obama vacations with the 1%


I love this. I admit I admire that there is nothing more important to the president of United States than his vacation schedule. If you need to focus on something, that is the thing to focus on. He is in Key Largo, Florida on vacation. The Russians have threatened now to invade the rest of the Ukraine, they have seized Ukrainian military bases in Crimea, and they’re now threatening to create a military specifically to re-invade and incorporate into the new Soviet Empire all the other countries that were once part Soviet Empire. That is just small potatoes compared to the need to play some golf to get away from it all. Josh Earnest at the White House said today, if possible the president could return as events unfold in the Ukraine. The events have unfolded and the president
has not returned.

This is his third vacation since January 1st. A vacation a month keeps the dictators away. Last month Obama was out in Southern California over the Presidents’ Day weekend to play some golf an Sunnylands estate(located in Rancho Mirage, California) where the one-tenth of the 1% live. Ane he had a private round of golf with the Larry Ellison (founder of Oracle, who is in the upper one-millionth of 1%) on a 19 hole golf course personally owned by Ellison and only he and his guests can play it in Palm Springs.

Then before that, he went on his annual retreat to the Oahu, Hawaii and that cost the taxpayers $4 million. In December, the month before that he went to South Africa to attend the funeral from Nelson Mandela. They were only their 13 hours, the president and his wife and it cost $11 million. Last June, Michelle Obama popped over to Ireland for two days and stayed at a hotel in Dublin, Ireland costing $3300 per night per room. Total cost to the taxpayers $5 million. He also jetted out to the Tonight Show and went to the mega-fundraiser with Jeffrey Katzenberg here in Hollywood last August that cost American taxpayers $2 million.

So you have to admire him, there’s nothing that gets in the way of the vacation schedule, not war pestilence, global warming, Florida underwater it doesn’t matter.


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