Obamas Marxists budget


Obama submitted a Marxist budget to congress. It nakedly advocates taking money from people of hard to get people who have, nakedly advocates a war on successful people in order to subsidize the unsuccessful , and nakedly advocates continuing legal lethal increases in the debt of United States of America. It is one month late and therefore violates the law already by one month. It is a budget that no Democrat, much less a Republican is going to vote for this.

Politico says that this is a budget, which would “implement an ideal world.” An ideal world from the faculty lounge of Marxist musings has now translated into a budget. In other words, not only according to the Washington Post is “Obama’s foreign policy a fantasy world,” but now according to Politico his budget is the” ideal world.”

$60 billion in new spending because austerity is officially over. Obama, in his own words: “includes over $1 billion in new funding for new technologies to help communities prepare for changing climate today and set up incentives to build smarter and more resilient infrastructure.” According to the United Nations report, the level of the ocean is expected to rise by 2050 is expected to rise by 1″ according to all of their computer models (which have yet to be accurate on any predictions) . So today in 2015 we will spend $1 billion to help communities prepare for climate change.

After presenting a budget which punishes people for their success, including retired people, after presenting the budget as a budget of choice it is going to reduce choice, after presenting the budget as a defense of the middle class it is going to erase the middle class and your opportunity of getting into it.

The debt, by the way that he says is dropping at the fastest rate in six years that is actually true. As a percentage, it is dropping at the fastest rate in six years. What that means is from $1.5 trillion to $800 billion in two years is the fastest drop. Unfortunately, he did not mention that still leaves us with $800 billion of new debt in his budget after he brags about bringing down the deficit. In fact over the next 10 years, the debt of the United States under Obama’s budget is expected to grow, in his own hands, in his own budget he admits it will grow by another $10 trillion. $10 trillion is the final blow of a Marxist budget, if you succeeded it means you cheated somebody, it means that you deprived somebody else of an opportunity, means you need me (the government) to take it away from you.



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