Enforce the law law


An amazing vote in the House of Representatives on Thursday. The “Enforce the Law” act. This is a law of Congress calling on the president to enforce the laws passed by Congress. It permits Congress to file civil complaints in Federal court against Obama, his departments or agencies that refuse or neglect to enforce the laws that have been passed by Congress and signed by the President.

It is astounding that we have come to this. That Congress has to actually pass a law telling the president we are going to go to court and sue you if you don’t enforce the laws we pass. He took an oath, with his hand on the Bible to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. It has come to this he has so ignored, so shredded, so altered , so amended, so changed, so delayed the effects of laws passed by Congress and signed by him and previous presidents, that we now have come to this.

The sad part is yet to come. Out of 435 members in the House only 232 thought that Congress ought to have the president enforce the laws the other 185 could care less and 17 couldn’t make up their mind. What do they think they are there for? Do they think they are there to pass laws that don’t necessarily have to be enforced? Is that the new criteria for Congress – so pass laws just so they can say they passed laws. To pass laws knowing full well that they will not “really” become the law of the land.


It passed the House of Representatives, and will go nowhere in the Senate. But Obama just to make his point clear, that he has an absolute right to ignore laws and delay mandates, amend prosecutorial discretion, the president knowing the bill may get out of House but will not see the light of day in the Senate, nonetheless threatened to veto the bill.

The White House Office of Management and Budget issued a statement saying that such a bill would violate the separation of power by encroaching on presidential authority. Do you really think that the Constitution of the United States gives the President of the United States in his presidential authority has the power to ignore laws passed by Congress, has the power to amend laws passed by Congress, has the power to enforce or not enforced as he deems fit the laws passed by Congress, has the power to delay mandates and deadlines passed by Congress at his request?

And by the way we are talking about the ACA (unAffordable Careless Act) was passed at his request. And he has been amending it and delaying it and changing it ever since, in total violation of the Constitution and the presidential authority and yet today it is I’m going to veto it because it encroaches on presidential authority. No, it encroaches on the presidential ABUSE of authority.



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