Fish win over humans

You know that a very small eight inch fish at least partially the reason that farmers in the Central Valley cannot get enough water to provide the nourishment of the crops you take for granted in the supermarket. The Pacific the environmentalists went into court to protect the delta smelt under the endangered species act and won. The Court imposed draconian restrictions on water flow from the Sacramento River Delta in the north, down to the Central Valley.


The Ninth Circus Court of Appeals (the most overturned court by the Supreme Court) was asked if the Delta smelt is more important than food for human beings. It was unanimous ruling that the smelt is more important than feeding Americans. By the way, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that the increased flow of water for the Delta smelt has meant more Delta smelt and no idea if the Delta smelt would accommodate and go to another river opening. They’re not about to go extinct because they’re found in many places but because
they’re found in this place they had be protected under federal law.

When you go to the supermarket to buy anything from almonds that are grown in the Central Valley and then feeds all of America you will find the prices jumping up. This will drive the farmers out of business and allow for imports from Chile and other foreign places where inspections and quality control is less than here. Of course, it could be a plot to hire thousands more inspectors for the government to inspect the produce. That ought to work out well.

By the way liberals even the illegal’s have been driven out of work because of the funneling of water to the Bay area inside of to the farmland , the unemployed rate among Hispanics in parts of Central Valley is up to 40% because of this water issue, because the fish has more worth than the lives of Americans.

The abbreviated distribution of the Delta smelt species along both the east and west sides of the Pacific ocean suggests that their common ancestor had a range that would have crossed the Pacific. So it isn’t really going extinct, it is unable to adapt to changes in this area but is flourishing in other areas.

While farms and businesses are starved of water, more than 81 billion gallons of water have been allowed to flow out to the ocean—off-limits to human use or consumption, thanks to federal regulators’ environmental extremism. That’s enough to put 85,000 acres of farmland back into production.

In the Central Valley, California’s agricultural heartland, thousands of jobs
are threatened by the pumping cutbacks. In some urban communities of Southern California, water rationing is a prospect. Moreover, in a real sense, national security is also at issue: By starving America’s breadbasket, the feds make us more dependent on foreign sources for the basic need of life: food.

For the next week, fish and wildlife experts will be doing their special survey of the Delta smelt population, to see if those tiny little fish are being drawn into giant water pumps near Tracy, CA.

At full throttle, those pumps are like magnets for the Delta smelt, grinding them into fish bait. Read more:

How about putting some small mesh screens in front of the pumps?



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