Not resisting Chinese espionage

Now the other thing that strikes me about the foreign policy of these liberals and it goes back to Clinton as well, is the idea that we should not be superior. The thing that causes war is when we develop weapons systems that are so much better than anybody else, then they get frightened, and they get scared and they do crazy things like attack us. The fact is there’s no historical precedent for this except we were attacked in 1941, because we were being isolationist and perceived as weak.

The “peace through strength” – it defeated the Soviet Union without a war. Buy all the military equipment you can and hope you never have to use it and you probably won’t use it because it’s superior to everyone else. That was the Regan theory, the theory of the left is, it insulting to every other country in the world, it makes them envious and angry because of this division and you have all the weapons and they don’t and they’ll find a way to attack you.

They give other countries and potential opponents the secrets of our
technology. On May 15th and May 22, the New York Times revealed that Bill Clinton personally gave permission for the Loral Corporation to sell missile technology (both guidance and deadly MIRV technology) to Red China. Shortly after this, Bill received a three hundred thousand dollar payoff from the Red Chinese government (given directly by a Red Army Officer to the Democratic National Committee…they didn’t even bother to use a middle man!) And by the way, the head of the Loral Corp. (Bernie Schwartz) was also the single biggest private contributor to Bill’s 1996 campaign, giving $600,000. Basically only we and the Russians had this technology and Clinton thought it would help drive a split between Russia and China so he GAVE it to them.


Now the Chinese are showing off their new Stealth fighter the J-20, It looks exactly like the F-35 Lightning-2. There’s a reason for that it turns out, that
in 2007 there was such a large-scale multiyear cyber war program by the Chinese against all the companies that were developing various parts of the F-35 including the lead contractor Lockheed Martin that the US intelligence agencies had called this cyber-attack Operation Byzantine Hades. The Chinese military unit is called the Tactical Reconnaissance Bureau which is in Chengdu province and they spent a lot of money getting into Lockheed Martin and all their subcontractor computers to get the plans for the F-35 and turn them over to the communist party run Aviation Industry Corp. of China. They used the stolen data to build the J-20. Recent photographs published on the Chinese websites show a newer version, the J-20, in other words this espionage is still going on. The new version of the J-20 incorporates design upgrades that the F-35 demonstrated in 2011. For instance there is a new electro-optical targeting system under the J-20 nose. That is directly copied from an upgrade to the F-35, the newest J-20 also appears to have a different radar absorbing coating that was also developed for the F-35. In other words they’re still getting the information and we are not RESISTING the espionage. And they are building many more of the J-20’s than we are of the F-35. I wonder why?



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