Cremate babies for heat


I decided to go with this meme because all of the others of cremated fetuses and fetal wast tissue were way to gross.

When the government runs the healthcare, government will do anything the government wants to. that might force the so set on the and really so compelling. From the London Telegraph publication in Britain, apparently 15,500 remains of aborted and miscarried babies were incinerated in 27 hospitals run by the National Health Service in Britain over the last two years alone.
In what they call “waste to energy” plan, the hospital medical waste was
burned in order to generate power for the heating system in the hospitals. As a green agenda item, the babies were thrown into the furnaces to create more energy for others. The women who had the miscarriages were told the fetuses were cremated, which is technically correct, the women who had abortions were not told anything. The government is taking aborted and miscarried babies and burning them to generate heat for the hospital.

How WWII like is that.


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