Not one minute of air time


Well, can it possibly be true? A Democratic gift that keeps on giving. I’ll bet you that you have not heard one minute of air time about this on ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC or CBS. In a 24 count federal indictment handed down Wednesday March 26th, in San Francisco backed up by 137 page affidavit from the FBI, 26 people were arrested including a prominent San Francisco Democrat State Senator Leland Yee an immigrant since the age of 5 from China. One of the state of California’s leading proponents of gun control, one of the state’s most liberal San Francisco Democrats, one of the most unknown liberal San Francisco Democrats on the national scene. He has been accused of working with Chinatown gangsters to broker arms deals with a Muslim rebel group in the Philippines to raise money for his campaign for Secretary of State.

One of the leading gun control advocates, who authored gun control measures in the state Senate, was at the same time brokering deals to bring in automatic weapons to the United States from Muslim Islamist terrorists in the Philippines. This is the third Democratic State Senator. in California to face criminal charges in as many months and it has reduced what was an absolute two thirds majority of Democrats in the state Senate to less than that-doing something that the Republican Party has been unable to do in several election cycles. It now appears that the FBI, which has brought the charges against all three of the state Senate Democrats in California, that the FBI is now a more effective
opposition party in California than the Republicans. Leland Yee announcing on Wednesday that he’s pulling out of the race for Secretary of State. But he is not pulling out to far. Fellow Democrats and current Secretary of State Deborah Bowen said that the Leland Yee’s name would remain on the ballot because he’s already declared his candidacy.

The affidavit in support of the multiple counts, by the way only got Mr. Yee a $500,000 bail. I say only, because if you remember the movie maker, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula whose now famous and seldom ever seen movie that supposedly caused the attack in Benghazi, his bail for violating parole on an unrelated charge was $1 million. Leland Yee got $500,000 bail and Nakoula Nakoula got $1 million dollars – just ask yourself, which one is more likely to flee to mainland China to avoid prosecution.

What did come out in the affidavit in support of the complaint that Leland Yee, who authored gun violence and gun control measures in the state Senate. He was also a member of the Gun Violence Prevention Honor Roll named by the Brady campaign. He was a member of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Gun Violence. He asked for campaign donations in the hearing of an FBI agent who infiltrated the deal in exchange for introducing this undercover FBI agent to a arms trafficker. In detail, he took the FBI undercover agent through the steps in the process of acquiring weapons that cost from $500,00 to $2 1/2 million dollars, including shoulder fired automatic weapons and missiles from a Muslim separatist group in the Philippines and bringing them to the United States for sale.

Now how did how did he know how to do this? This is the best part!

He knew how to do this, because he was a friend of the Dragon Head of a
Chinese tong which is a Chinese gang. In San Francisco a notorious gangster named Raymond ‘Shrimp Boy’ Chow. ‘Shrimp Boy’ had been in prison on various charges and gotten out and convinced everybody he was totally rehabilitated. The Mayor of San Francisco honored him for his community work. Sen. Feinstein honored him for his community work. Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco honored him for his community work. The gangster ‘Shrimp Boy’ Chow honored as a great citizen of the community of San Francisco at the same time he is the go-between between Leland Yee, State Senator, and a Muslim group in the Philippines that wants to sell arms into the United States.

Truth is stranger than fiction you just can’t make this stuff up.

Somebody researched and went back and posted Leland Yee’s tweets after the Sandy hook massacre. I’ll just give you a flavor of them:

@Leland Yee #Four weeks after Newtown I’m still shocked and prepared to take steps to stop gun violence ,close assault weapon loophole.

@Leland Yee #My office is prepared to offer legislation to combat the new threat from 3D printed firearms.

@Leland Yee #A year after Sandy Hook, we need to recommit to provide a safer society for all of us.

@Leland Yee # I commend Pres. Obama for his commitment to federal gun control legislation. In California we will strengthen state law.

@Leland Yee #Once again NRA uses lies and distortion to try stopping common sense gun control bill.

At the same time he is sending these tweets out, he is arranging gun shipments, illegal gun shipments of automatic shoulder fired missiles into the United States in exchange for campaign contributions so he can continue to champion gun control.

The lesson I draw from this. I think the lesson is that we need the Second Amendment to protect ourselves from people like Senator Yee. That’s the purpose of the Second Amendment. The final irony of this entire story. Shrimp Boy’ Chow is an illegal alien and was never deported after he served time in a California prison for various violent crimes.




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