kabuki theater


You are aware (aren’t you?) that Obama has been under attack from the left and from La Raza as the Deporter-In-Chief. Mass demonstrations have occurred against any further deportation of people who have broken into our country and reside here illegally.

Unfortunately, in this particular instance, I find myself defending Obama against their charges. He is by no stretch of the imagination the Deporter-In-Chief. Whether this happened deliberately or simply by accident, a reputation of Barack Obama deporting anyone is false. He does not deserve that reputation.

Let La Raza be on notice now, about a report released on 3/31/14 from the Center for Immigration Studies, based on data provided by the Department of Homeland Security. According to that data, in 2013, 68,000 people illegally in this country, who had committed serious crime were released into the community and not deported. They used to say we need to let illegal aliens in because they do the work that Americans don’t want to, now we are keeping illegal’s here to do the crimes, that apparently enough Americans aren’t doing.

ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is the agency charged with so-called interior enforcement that is to say everything is not on the border which is the domain of the Border Patrol. But everything not on the border, for instance, apprehending illegal’s who served time in prison or County jail and need to be deported. ICE in 2013, in one year alone, contacted 722,000 potentially deportable aliens. ICE started proceedings against 195,000 or just 25% of these illegal aliens with criminal backgrounds.

ICE has a breakdown by cities: in San Antonio Texas the percentage of criminal aliens released back into the city 79% or 28,680 criminal aliens released back into the general population of San Antonio. 5,391 in New York City. 5,558 in Washington DC. Big percentages in Salt Lake City, Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Newark and Buffalo.

The administration is actually doing a review right now of deportation policies, actually responding to the La Raza by promising not to deport so many people. They haven’t deported anywhere near what the law requires yet, and in fact those folks who do have a deportation order pending (they have already been ordered by an immigration court to be deported from United States) is 870,000. 870,000 illegals in this country have a deportation order against them, they have ignored it, they have remained in the country and there’s nothing that the Obama administration is doing about it.

Just a couple of ways that you can judge that the whole La Raza charge that he was the Deporter-In-Chief was kabuki theater, it was designed to get the headlines, to make it sound like Obama’s tough on the border so that he can respond by being not so tough and at the same time maintain leverage in Congress. It turns out that today, when you look back at that the 25% number, you look back at the 68,000 criminal aliens released, you have to look at the “criteria” ( it used to mean if you committed a crime and you served your time or what have you and you are gone) before you get deported now.

NOT ANYMORE. They now have prosecutorial discretion, the criteria are: family relationships, political considerations or attention from advocacy groups. In other words if you’re politically connected, if you have an advocacy group, if there is a demonstration on your behalf, you will NOT BE deported.

What we have folks is instead of border enforcement is catch and release. The amazing thing is that ICE in order to keep up the appearance of border enforcement, enforcement of the laws on immigration, has done something that in no other time, has the immigration folks ever done this. They have counted the voluntary deportations, people who get caught at the border and are turned around. They are now counting these as deportations. Hundreds of thousands of people get caught every year, and just turnaround and go back and try at a later time. They are never counted as deported – deported in the law means you have an order, from an immigration court, based on the facts and evidence,
that you are supposed to leave the country. 870,000 of those orders are still pending. In other words, not only do we have prosecutorial discretion, we also have law enforcement discretion on these court orders.

Since when does a president have the right to ignore court orders. Not until this president.


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