Happy 44th Earthday


The good news on Earth’s 44th Earthday. The Institute of Policy Information has stated the earth has had some good news. Number one: temperatures have plateaued. The gradual temperature rise, that was actually noticed in the 1980s and 90s, stopped about 17 years ago. There’s been little or no global warming since. The New York Times said in an article recently with the headline “What to make of the warming plateau”, and the basic thrust of that article was well it will go up again.
Reason Number 2: Violent storms have declined as weather.com points out. 2013 had the least hurricane activity since the 1990. For 20 years this is the least hurricane activity. As we enter tornado season, USA Today said that last year’s tornado activity reached a 60-year low- until last weekend. Not so many storms as opposed to hearing about the few catastrophic storms. Actually, statistically there isn’t.

There’s a third reason why we are celebrating Earth Day: Ice is expanding at the North and South poles. No more concerns about polar ice melting, and the sea levels rising. Antarctic ice has been expanding for several years and the Washington Post reported that Antarctic ice has now hit a record high. That is in terms of its spread and depth and all that. It appears that, according to the US National Snow and ice Data Center in Boulder Colorado, that the Arctic ice is increasing as well. Arctic sea ice in February is expanding at record levels, the volume grew by 50% last year.

How about one more reason to celebrate Earth day: The Environmental Protection Agency reported last October, that greenhouse gas emissions from electrical power plants had declined by 10% for 2011 and are at the lowest point since 1994. CO2 emissions have gone down! The decline attributed in large part to a shift from using coal to using natural gas which we have plenty of, of course, because of the miracle of fracking. So we have less CO2 because of fracking.

The EPA itself is celebrating in a different way. Gina McCarthy is the Deputy Director and Administrator. She is on a weeklong tour to celebrate
Earth Day all week, with events in New York, Boston, Cleveland, Atlanta and Memphis. She is going by government jet, spewing CO2 in her wake, as she celebrates Earth Day as only a bureaucrat can.



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