Todays Loser


The Liberal Loser of the Day award has been conferred on the entire Minneapolis City Council, which yesterday decided that this year they’re going to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day rather than Columbus Day. To honor the “more accurate historical record” of America and its history. Voting unanimously, the Minneapolis City Council recognized Indigenous Peoples Day. They say without any embarrassment whatsoever that the landing of Christopher. Columbus on this hemisphere “led to the enslavement and extermination of millions of Tahino people.”

Minneapolis, you dolts. Slavery was practiced by nearly all the Plains Indians. Slavery was a part of the indigenous tribal life of people who were here prior to Europeans coming here. Slavery was a part of their life. It was not introduced by the Spanish, although they practiced it as well. It was not new. Extermination occurred because at that point in our lives, in 1492 at that point in our history the we didn’t know about the germ theory of disease and so we had no idea that when Europeans landed on the shore came into contact with natives, that the natives had a different immune system and different defenses and that the European diseases would wipe out the natives because they didn’t have those defense immunities. Nobody deliberately exterminated with germ warfare the indigenous peoples of this continent. Many of them, millions probably, died as a result of coming into contact with human beings who have been developing their own immune system in Europe, completely separate, for thousands of years.
So on both counts, the Minneapolis City Council has absolutely no idea
what they’re talking about. Liberal Losers of the Day.


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