Follow the bouncing ball

The Russians have retaliated over the American sanctions to the slow-mo invasion of the Ukraine. Actually American sanctions have rolled out in three phases: in the first of the list, way back in the Crimea issue, there were Russian officials who were sanctioned -cannot travel to the United States, cannot have bank accounts or investments in the United States. Russian politicians were on that list. So at that point, the Russians in a proportional response sanctioned Harry Read. He cannot travel to Russian, or invest in Russia, have bank accounts in Russia. We get to see how worthless and stupid this idea of sanctions is.

There was a second-round, it got a little more personal. Obama went after the big businessman in Russia- the money men and cronies of Putin. We put them on a list. The Kremlin then responded. They knew that there’s not many top American businessmen who were that close to Obama, so they got a list of his top campaign bundlers and sanctioned them. Which didn’t make any difference to these people either? What the interesting thing was about the list the Russians put together, it included the five top Obama campaign bundlers, as well as a dozen top senators and congressmen who were not included in the first list. Now the names of all these people have been kept secret. The US always announces what we are doing and provided the names on our list. The Russians don’t. So we don’t know the exact names on the list so we have to guess. The top five bundlers for Obama all have with ties to the gay and lesbian community is. Putin is hitting back at the gays.

So then, the United States after the latest dustup in the Ukraine, released a third list of Russian officials, businessmen and institutions who were subject to these sanctions. The Russians are going to do the same thing. Can you imagine that Planned Parenthood will not be able to travel Russia, or open a bank account there? Interestingly enough, Putin is now is just making fun of Obama. Russia is letting everyone the world know that the US is doing absolutely nothing about their invasion of their neighboring country Ukraine.

The Russians are moving their special forces in, under the guise of being pro-Russian activists in the eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian government announced Friday, May 2 that they are going to fight back and they’re moving troops in and have tried to take back the Russian held town of Sla’’lans’k (about 250 km south and west of the border with Russia). Insurgents there claiming a full-scale attack has been launched by the Ukrainian military and that they shot down a helicopter over Sla’’lans’k . This is the first time Ukraine’s military has actually gotten into action in any meaningful way.

Putin then issued a dictate, saying that Kiev must withdraw its troops from Sla’’lans’k and from eastern Ukraine altogether. The president of Russia has ordered the government of a neighboring state to withdraw troops that are on its own territory. Of course, nothing has happened to interfere with that.

A CBS news crew and reporter were trying to cover the story and were captured by the pro-Russian militants. They were released after spending about an hour in captivity. They noted that there was a lot of strong anti-American rhetoric from the Russians and a statement by one of the Russians that if Obama was smart he would not be supporting Kiev.

The Russians are at war in and they figure this is the way to do it and not gain a response. The old idea of rolling the tanks in across the country and taking it over is so 1940’ish. Everybody gets upset, a war is declared and then you’re stuck and millions of people dia. The Russians have figured out how to do something different. Just roll in without any uniforms, without any tanks, just a bunch of special forces with AK-47’s and rocket launchers and rocket propelled grenades. Subvert the population, recruit all Russian speakers and that take over the Police Department, City Hall in these little towns all over and in no time they are in charge. No invasion, no backlash, no nothing and Obama is so weak he won’t do anything anyway.

Stay with me now, I know this is long, but my judgment is, that following what we now know about the attack at Benghazi -in which the president pledged to get to the bottom of it, that he would find those responsible and would hold them accountable. That was September 12, 2012 and to date nothing.

Former White House National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor was on Fox news and said Thursday with Brett Bair.

Brett: You’re a communications expert.”

Vietor: “Yeah”

Brett: “If you’re prepping an official for a Sunday show, you’re probably going to prep on the biggest question of the Sunday show – which probably, maybe would’ve been the US ambassador and three others who died.”

Vietor: “Yeah, that’s fair, and I was among the people that prepped Susan Rice,
and we talked about, you know the protest were front and center in Ben’s e-mail because it was still concern about additional violence and … “

It starts to become fascinating and Bret Bair did a fantastic job of laying open the web of concocted lies. First of all, if you’re going to prep your ambassador for these appearances two days after your ambassador and three other Americans died in an attack and you decide to call it a demonstration. But it clearly got out of hand as you put it, it went awry as you put it and there were people dead. It’s hard to say it’s just a demonstration when people die.

Now what about the talking points you briefed her with? Bret: “According to the e-mails and timeline the CIA circulates new talking points after they removed the mention of Al Qaeda – and then at 6:21 pm, the White House – you add a line about the administration warning of September 10th of social media reports calling for demonstrations. True?”

Vietor: “Uhh, I believe so.”

So yesterday we found out that Ben Rhodes, brother of David Rhodes who is the president of CBS, a senior official of advising the president on national security matters, gets the initial talking points requested from the CIA to describe what happens so they can explain it to the American public in the public appearances. The talking points have the words ‘terrorist’, ‘attack’ and ‘Al Qaeda.’ Ben Rhodes takes those out. Now it turns out Tommy Vietor also said we got a take those out. He’s part of the team trying to massage these things so that the president, who is
running for president on the basis of the fact of killing bin Laden and that he has unraveled and defeated Al Qaeda doesn’t have to standup six weeks before the election and say well except for my ambassador in Libya.

Then the interview got a little heated. Bair started asked about the details. First he asked if Vietor added the line about the administration warning on
September 10 about social media reports calling for demonstrations and he said yes I believe so.

Then he asks this, Brett: “Did you also change ‘attacks’ to demonstrations
in the talking points.”

Vietor: “Maybe, I don’t really remember.”

Brett: “You don’t remember?”

Vietor: “Dude, this is like two years ago. We are talking about the most mundane process.. We are talking about the process of editing talking points. That’s what bureaucrats do. Your producers edit your scripts multiple times. ”

Now remember this was like two years ago… it was so long ago … how do you expect me to remember everything? Isn’t it interesting, we’re not
supposed to remember something that happened two years ago, but we still want to blame everything that’s going on now, on a president who has not been president for five and half years-George Bush.

Then Vietor revealed something we did not know for sure before. We knew that Obama met with Panetta and the Joint Chiefs Chairman, as the attack was going on, in the White House. We knew that 10 o’clock that night there was a phone call of the 11th between the president and Hillary Clinton. What was Obama doing during the many, many hours, the six hours or more of the attack, when he knew exactly what was going on, was briefed on exactly what was going on, and they were concocting the cover story. Where was he and what was he doing.

Well now we know where he wasn’t. Brett: “People on the ground testified they knew where the ambassador was, that they were very military in their precision, it was not guys coming to protest, they had mortars and heavy weapons.”

Vietor: “Brad, a couple of things. One, I was in the situation room that night, okay. We didn’t know where the ambassador was definitively, in fact …”

Brett: “Was the president in the situation room?”

Vietor: “No, and the fact that your network at one time, reported that he watched video feed of the attack as it was ongoing is part of what I think is part of the inaccurate reporting….”

Brett: “Where was the president?”

Vietor: “In the White House, let me finish my initial statement okay? The
notion that we could you know divine motives from a drone feed is I think wrong. And I also think this idea that the military had the capability to rescue those individuals but chose not to, I think is extremely unfair to military and Admiral Mullen said basically the opposite.”

Brett: “In the ARB report.”

Was the president in the situation room? No. What is the situation room? It is buried underneath the White House is basically a nearly nuclear proof war room. Their have been versions of this room, they been expanded and deepened and hardened and all that over many years but we have had a version of one since World War II. So here is the of the situation room, in which Obama was present at the time of the bin Laden operation but not on the night of Benghazi, according to Vietor.

Vietor admits that Obama was not in the situation room, which is where presidents go to make decisions about how the United States ought to
react in circumstances very much like this. This is where every president has gone to be briefed by all of the departments, given the options of what to do and then selecting one and commanding that it be done. Obama did none of this and Vietor now has confirmed this. We didn’t know before that the president WAS NOT in the situation room.

On top of that Vietor is trying to be a propagandist. His next sentence was: “The fact that your network at one time reported that he, the president, watched video feed of the attack as it was ongoing is part of what I think is a pattern of inaccurate…” and he was stopped by Brett’s next question. No one has ever said that the president personally watch the video feed because we did not know that. What was said is what has been proven to be true. There was a drone with the camera over this thing from immediately from minute one. There was a drone with the camera and the video feed was going to a lot of places, including all the places that other people where were advising the president. They knew what was happening because they saw it.

Vietor suggested that the notion that we could ‘divine’ motives from a drone feed was wrong. First of all he is admitting that they were watching a drone feed. He is right that they couldn’t divine motives, but they could clearly see the fact that there’s a military attack going on, and that the ambassador and his skeleton security crew are under attack. The video feed in fact, shows guy streaming through the broken gate of the outer perimeter wall, weapons in hand and later on shows the smoke that they claim they couldn’t see the ambassador through. That’s true.

Now maybe because this White House has a history of not following protocols and making things up as they go along they didn’t believe that the ambassador followed a protocol designed to possibly save his life if under attack. That protocol states that at the first sign of an attack, the security people are to take the ambassador to the so-called safe room in that in that residence. This safe room unfortunately had not been upgraded (an entirely other scandal under investigation) and had just bars to prevent people from breaking into it. The massive amount smoke got into the ‘safe room’ and that was the problem for Sean Smith and for the ambassador. They later died of smoke inhalation. What they want you to believe is they couldn’t know where the ambassador was definitively, when they actually knew exactly where he was because of the State Department protocols for citizens under attack. That’s what you do. That’s also been in all the testimony from every body.

The idea that the military had the capability to rescue those individuals but chose not to is also false. The military doesn’t choose, the military does what it’s ordered to do. If there’s no order, they don’t do anything and there was no order.

With that in mind listen to this next part of the interview:

Brett: “Where was the president?”

Vietor: “In the White House.”

Brett: “He wasn’t in the situation room?”

Vietor: “Uh.. at what point in the evening?

Brett: “At any point?”

Vietor: “It is well-known that when the attack was first briefed to him
it was in the Oval Office. He was updated constantly and during that briefing he told Tom Donilon and his Joint Chiefs and his SecDev (Secretary of Defense) to begin moving all military assets into the region.”

When the attack was first briefed to him it was in the Oval Office. He was told that our CIA and State Department facility in Benghazi is under attack, we don’t know where the ambassador is and he doesn’t go to the situation room. That is the first time ever, the president has not done that in modern history. That part of the interview was the most appalling statement in the interview for those people who know about the process of what the president does under these kinds of circumstances.

Then he says during that briefing he said Obama ordered moving all military assets into the region. That also is not true, because the president can’t just orally say “Move the military.” They give him the options, it picks an option, they debate the options, he modifies the option, whatever decision he comes up with is reduced to writing. It is then sent out with his signature, he is the commander-in-chief, he can’t give oral commands. He gives written commands, he has to make certain findings, he has to make certain decisions that are made clear under a number of different laws, including the one that has to has to do with waiving a requirement of getting Libyan permission to go in the Libyan airspace. All of that had to be done. None of that was done- an oral order has no meaning whatsoever. That is the reason our Founding Fathers placed control of the Armed Forces into the presidential authority. (!/articles/2/essays/86/commander-in-chief)

Brett: “Hillary Clinton talks to him at 10, he is where?”

Veitor: “I don’t know, I don’t have a tracking device on him in the Residence.”

Everyone who has ever had anything to do with the White House, knows that this is the first time an American president in modern history has not
followed the protocol, and has not responded to an attack like this with some kind of request for options, request for capabilities, options in decisions, debate among his cabinet members. If the president is going do something, HE makes the decision and then paperwork is put together for him to sign and the order goes out.

You would expect a president running for reelection, six weeks out from the election with a surprisingly well-funded challenger right on his heels, to make the best of a bad situation, to explain it in a way that makes him look as good as possible and to fudge on the facts a little bit. That’s all within the acceptable bounds of what we have come to know as American politics. But to go beyond that and to pick a theory of what was going on that is 100% wrong and a lot of it made up, and somehow connects it to the Cairo demonstrations hundreds of miles away, and say it is due to an internet video. That’s not acceptable American politics.

These revelations have gotten liberals to go completely loony this week. Here is Nancy Pelosi’s reaction: “Diversion, subterfuge, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. Why aren’t we talking about something else. Whatever was in that … What I know about what I have read in the press about the .. ummm that those emails were fairly consistent with what was put out there before. I don’t think there was anything new there.” Nothing to see here, nothing new, move along,. The Democrats, left-wing, progressives are desperate. Their carefully construct house of cards is all starting to fall apart on them.

Speaker John Boehner has announced a Special Congressional Committee on Benghazi. They have already subpoenaed Secretary of State Kerry and they have appointed Trey Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor to be the chairman of this a bipartisan committee and they are going to focus only on Benghazi. This is going to get interesting and interesting fast because Gowdy knows what he’s talking about.

This caused Harry Reid to go out of his mind. He released a written statement – probably because he didn’t want his words to be used against him later. Talking about Benghazi, here is his statement: “Republicans are showing yet again that they have nothing to offer the middle class. Republicans care more about defending billionaires like the Koch brothers and trying to rekindle debunked right-wing conspiracy theories than raising the minimum wage or ensuring that women receive equal pay for equal work.”

What has Benghazi got to do with the middle class? Then this creepy, demented old man second statement shows his paranoia about his Koch brother’s habit- he hates them for providing money to the Republicans- while grabbing all the money under the table he can from George Soros. Moreover, we will leave it to Sen. Reid to examine whether his own staff has yet to pay the women on that staff in similar positions equal to what the men earn- he doesn’t.

Looking back over the entire Vietor interview with Brett Bair of Fox news, it may have revealed even more than we thought at first glance. He repeats over and over that Obama at no time during the evening of September 11, 2012 during the attack on Benghazi was in the situation room. He was there for the photo op on the operation against Osama bin Laden but not this night. He was briefed in the afternoon while the attack is going on by Panetta the Secretary of Defense in the Oval Office with the Joint Chiefs Chairman and by his national security advisor. They tell him it’s an attack because there was no other evidence of anything else, in fact there was no demonstration their prior to this attack of any kind.

So he gets briefed in the afternoon, then Hillary Clinton talks to him at 10 PM. In between, remember Veitor has stated he had no tracking device on Obama when he was in the White House Residence. If you know anything about the White House- it is divided up into sections. The West Wing, the Oval Office and a variety of other offices. The residence is a specific part of the White House upstairs where the first family lives. This is the first time anybody has said that instead of going to the situation room, instead of taking charge, instead of getting on top of this thing, he gets briefed and goes to dinner, goes into where his family lives, and takes a phone call at 10 o’clock that night from Hillary Clinton

John Boehner in his ultimate stupidity called personally on Sec. state John Kerry to testify as to the prepping of Susan Rice for the Sunday television interviews. John Kerry’s not going to know anything about that. I’m surprised that they put out a subpoena on John Kerry -he wasn’t there. Where is the subpoena for Hillary Clinton who was there and who was in charge and who talked to the president.

John Kerry is simply going to say ‘ I have no idea what you’re talking about’. Where is the subpoena for Hillary Rodham Clinton? Where is a subpoena for the person in charge, both before, during and after this attack, it was her facility? It was her ambassador. It was her security staff.


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