Reagans Benghazi

The fact that the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton, and Ambassador Rice openly lied, when they knew better about the cause of this violence that killed the Ambassador is so well known that the left has to figure out another counterattack. There is nothing new, you are just rehashing the past, let’s move on to something important isn’t working anymore. They have to get something more convincing with all the of new stuff coming out every day in the release of the emails. The new method is to attack the credibility of Republicans who are documenting the betrayal in Benghazi was unveiled in The New Yorker magazine with the May Sixth edition. So, we will bring up Ronald Reagan’s Benghazi! You know, all those Marines that got killed in Beirut and nothing was done to protect them and nothing was done afterwards to find the people who did it. And then there was another attack and another attack for a total of three of them in Lebanon and Reagan did absolutely nothing

Before I get to the merits of the stupidity of that argument you’ve got to know when people are desperate, the feeling that is there- you just know it. When they have to go back to 1983, when they have to go back more than 30 years ago the make up a ‘similar’ relationship- they are desperate to take the pressure off of what is happening now.

Let’s talk about what happened in Lebanon. Regan was trying to keep the Syrians from taking over, he1 was trying to keep Lebanon independent. He was trying to do it without getting us into a war. He put in under United Nations auspices, the peacekeepers that the Marines were there, figuring that the prestige of the United States at that time was such that nobody would attack Americans because we bring on a real revenge, a real military action and a lot of people would die. That turned out to be bad guess. The Marines died instead. The bomb laden truck drove through the gates of that barracks grounds there, and the Marines guarding the barracks grounds had been told, because it’s the United
Nations, that they could not, because your liberal Democrats were critical of anything the Reagan did, they were unarmed. They had rifles available but no bullets. There was one strand concertina wire and the truck went right over and went right over it and went right up to the door, blew up and collapsed the building. It killed some 240 people.

Ronald Reagan, based on all the talks he had with Democrats and Republicans, it is true did not retaliate. Many of us at the time thought he should. He said no. Here’s the difference, there was no attempt to cover up what happened. There was no phony baloney story deflecting blame away from the president. Reagan stood up and said that it was his policy. It didn’t work. He worked with Tip O’Neill and the Democrats in the house to try to come up with some further security measures, when they didn’t work and the embassy was bombed in Beirut, he accepted full responsibility for it and said the increased security measures that he had ordered were not getting put in place fast enough. It’s my fault.

This is the difference Democrats. Ronald Reagan was an honest man with
integrity. He stood up when he made mistakes and let us know. Every time, after Iran Contra, he was the guy who held the press conference and said here’s what happened, I’m the one who screwed up.

When is Barack Obama going to do the same thing? Americans know the president will make mistakes, what we hate is people who don’t own their mistakes and learn from them. Ronald Reagan owned his mistakes and learned from them. Barack Obama refuses. That’s the difference.


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