Voting Fish


In southern California as is elsewhere in the southwest they are in a drought and will probably have mandatory water conservation imposed on them. We have had that for three years in West Texas. You can only water your lawns one day a week and no car washing, etc. We use gray water from rinsing the dishes to water the plants. In a report from Northern California Reclamation Project that the Stanislaus River for the past month has been flowing at near flood stage levels during this catastrophic drought and why- it is for the delta smelt fish. They’re releasing water from the dams that they claim they don’t have enough of for irrigation, or for growing food or for urban populations to drink, but they have enough to keep the Stanislaus River at near flood stage for a month to protect the fish.

The flow, which started releasing in April 14, the Bureau of Reclamation started releasing from the dam. In a 12 hour period the flow went from 600 cubic feet a second to 2522 cubic feet a second, peaking at 2900 cubic feet per second on April 29. That’s the flow of water going past the meter. On May 15th the flow was holding steady at 2050 cubic feet per second.

Government has got this about as screwed up as is possible. They built the damns to store water for emergencies during drought times. They have a drought time and they use it for fish instead of people. I don’t get this, do the fish vote?



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