Safety and security


A number of law enforcement officials were gathered at the White House on May 13th. The President said changes to immigration law are necessary “for our safety and security.” Our broken immigration system makes it harder for our law enforcement agencies to do their job. Now folks, even for this president this is remarkable statement, 24 hours after it became apparent that 36,000 dangerous felons had not been deported by this administration but ordered released into the American population. If the immigration laws are broken, he’s breaking them. Passing more laws only means their will be more laws for him to ignore- to do whatever he wants to do anyway.

How did those law enforcement officials kept a straight face. Every one of them, particularly around the south border know that MS13, all the dangerous immigrant gangs and cartels out of Mexico and all the rest of it are operating with near impunity because absolutely nobody’s being deported anymore. Not murderers, not rapists, not burglars, not anybody, much less run-of-the-mill people who just walk across the border and break into the country and work under the table bringing sown everybody’s wages.

Obama pledged that he would focus the deportations through prosecutorial discretion on those people who are a danger to society and he was all for our safety and security. He himself is the cause of our being unsafe and insecure, at least the extent that we didn’t need 36,000 more criminal class folks in the United States than we already have.

Do we have a shortage criminals in this country? Do we need to import criminals, I know we have imported everything else but do we need to import criminals? Or are they just doing the crimes that Americans won’t do anymore? What is the rationale for not deporting violent criminals who have served their sentences here, and as part of their sentences were ordered deported? Obama has intervened specifically to say we are not deport those people and released them into the population.

And he has the balls to have a White House meeting today with law enforcement officers to ask for more laws for safety and security.



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