Obama working hard on VA problems


How hard is Obama working on the VA problem. He said that he is working real hard, that taking care of our veterans and their families has been one of the “causes of my presidency.”

How many times has General Eric Shinseki, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, been to the White House for meetings since January 2009 on this high priority. According to the official visitor logs Shinseki has been at the White House thirty-three times in four and a half years. Eric Holder is been there 70 times, Hillary Clinton has been there 45 times and she was only Secretary of State for four years. Arnie Duncan the Secretary of Education has 30 times in the White House. The Democrats super lobbyist Tony Podesta is in the White House visitor logs thirty-six times, the Mayor of San Antonio has been in the White House 34 times, lobbyist Hilary Rosen has been in the White House visitor logs 59 times, all since Obama became president. George Clooney has visited the White House 7 times according to the visitor log and again Mr. Shinseki in one of the top causes of the Obama presidency, the Sec. of Veterans Affairs has been there since January 2009 in the White House for meetings 33 times.

The day after Obama gave his speech on the seriousness of the VA scandal, there was not one meeting, one phone call, not one minute on his schedule devoted to the VA. No executive orders (which he has shown he is happy to do about innumerable other items nowhere near as important). He went to Cooperstown to give a speech on tourism.


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