Todays Loser


The Liberal Loser of the Day is Jonathan Jarvis. He is the Director of the National Park Service. You may remember him from the sequester when he shut down the World War II Memorial in Washington and all the rest of the National Parks. He also shut down Mount Rushmore and even the state highway rest area where you can get a glimpse of the monument.


Even though the locals pointed out that is you shut down Mount Rushmore, you knowingly put some federal employees on furlough, but the concessions in this park are going to have to furlough their private employees. The feds will lose their sales taxes on those concessions.

It didn’t matter because the object of shutting all these parks was to punish the American public until they screamed to Republicans that they have to restore the budget. That was the whole purpose of this exercise.

Now the governor of South Dakota where Mount Rushmore is located, was not content with just keeping quiet, Dennis Daugaard, a Republican, got together some state and private funds and wrote a letter to Jonathan Jarvis, Director of the National Park Service saying I understand your problems with your budget, I have enough money to keep Mount Rushmore open and apparently Jarvis wrote back saying no thanks.

Jarvis wrote “We cannot accept his temporary offer as a result of the lapse of federal appropriations the entire National Park system is closed and cannot be open until funding is restored.” They had funding already for the entire fiscal year. This is Jarvis again, “It would not be feasible or appropriate to open some parks or some parts of parks while other parts of the National Park system remain closed to the public.” In other words Mount Rushmore and everything else is closed until the Republicans cave in.

We know this because of leaks with that letter contained. It is interesting that the National Review went and submitted a Freedom Of Information Act request back on October 22 to the Department of interior, were the National Park Service is, requesting the communications between Jonathan Jarvis and Gov. Dennis Daugaard . The Department of interior ignored the 20 day response deadline, in fact they did not provide the public records until after 113 working days had passed. Then they provided the letter from Jonathan B Jarvis, Director of the National Park Service to The Hon. Dennis Daugaard Gov. State of South Dakota.
In between is a black box. They redacted the entire letter as if it was an
ongoing national security threat. But actually it means, we can’t give you this public record because it so it’s embarrassing.



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