Obama’s concussion

b rain_concussion

The president had a meeting at the White House on the subject of youth concussions. This is youth concussion from sports and the president made a little talk. In other words, he has solved the problem by giving a speech about it. He said something that actually caused me to pay attention, it has never been mentioned before. Listen to what he said: “Before the awareness was out there, when I was young and played football briefly. And there were a couple times where I’m sure that the ringing sensation in my head, and the need to sit down for a while might have been from a mild concussion. At the time you didn’t think anything of it.”

What is he talking about? I’ve gone back through both of his memoirs and there is no mention of football. This is the first time anybody, anywhere has ever heard him talk about playing football.

Let’s assume he’s just saying that I’m trying to connect with you folks about this problem. A ringing in the head may or may not be a symptom of a concussion. It certainly takes quite a lot to get a concussion and by the way, mild concussions are not a big deal, your brain recovers there is no permanent damage. A severe concussion can obviously cause permanent damage. This concussion thing smells like all these other phony baloney, nanny state, I feel your pain, BS programs.

But then he can’t help himself. The president has to attack the entire concept of manhood: “You got to have every parent, teacher and coach to recognize kinds of concussion. We need our athletes to understand how important it is to do what we can to prevent injuries, and to admit them when they do happen. We have to change a culture that says you just ‘suck it up’.”

Part of manhood has been for thousands of years accepting pain, and overcoming it. Part of our thing as manhood is not objective, it is within our DNA. We have been as men, trained to overcome pain to achieve the objective. To regard pain as something that is fear leaving your body. This is manhood!

‘Sucking it up’ is what men do. He is right to say the coaches, and parents are to be alert to injuries that occur, that their need to be interventions so that you’re on sideline and you get checked by a doctor. I’m not disputing that at all. But the idea that he HAS to take a little step beyond what is necessary to say here, and basically blast culture of manhood – why was that necessary. Other than your ideology demands that you speak out and castrate the male population in the name of protecting them from concussion.

The bottom line is what this kind of thing demands is another government program, with union paying bureaucrats dues flowing back in to the Democrats re-election campaigns and a giant budget that can only get bigger.

Here it is: “The NCAA and the Department of Defense are teaming up to
commit $30 million dollars for concussion education in a study involving over 37,000 college athletes, which will be the most comprehensive concussion study ever. “ What department did he say- that’s right!

The Department of Defense where we have the lowest number of Army troops under arms since before World War II, we have the fewest number of ships since 1940-41. We have fewer air wings than we’ve ever had since the Air Force was established and you go down the list. We are going to take money out of the Department of Defense to do a concussion study with the NCAA. What could possibly go wrong?


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