CA Teacher Tenure


In California this concept has been taken one step further. Earlier in the week, a superior court judge in Los Angeles found in favor of nine schoolchildren who had brought a lawsuit against the entire educational establishment of California alleging that the teacher tenure laws were unfair. The last hired, first fired laws which created the difficulty of firing even an egregiously teacher sexual abuser- for example, in LA they had to be give a teacher a$40,000 payment to resign. They couldn’t fire anybody.

Now all of these laws, the judge said are unconstitutional because they clearly mean that incompetent or worse teachers are going to be protected by law and the children will suffer. The California Constitution guarantees that the educational be available to all, and through the equal protection of the laws it means that everyone is entitled to equal shot that education.

It turns out that all these bad teachers work their way into the poorer performing schools because of the principals. If you’re a good school and you got a bad a teacher, well that teacher suddenly gets reassigned.

So all of these things that now parents and Latino parents are waking up to this. All of the nine students were Latinos, suing the school system because the schools aren’t very good, and they have pinpointed why. Now the biggest contributor to the Democratic Party in California that’s the California eachers Association and the biggest contributor of votes to the one-party tate other than Latinos are going to now have to reconcile what to do here. In California there is a huge split between unionized teachers and the Latino parents who have had enough and the unionized teachers who do not want to give an inch on their contracts. The state legislature is controlled and owned by the California Teachers Association and is simply going to have to come to rips with the conflict. Today the teachers Association made it very clear they are going to appeal this ruling, even if they have to for the next 50 years, to stop this ruling from going into effect, they will not give an inch.

So Latino parents here is your choice: do you go with Democrats and the Democratic Party that is beholden for its money to the very organization that is consigning your kids to an inferior education or do you try something else.


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