Not paying child truancy fine-death


I want to introduce you Eileen DeNino age 55 year old and lives in Reading Pennsylvania. She has seven kids. She has been repeatedly cited, 55 times since 1999, for truancy. That is to say, not getting her kids to school on time. She has had a lot of leniency from a number of judges because she’s poor. she’s in her sister’s house. she’s on welfare and she has seven kids. She finally must have made somebody mad because of not paying her truancy fines. She was ordered to spend two days in the Reading, PA jail. She died in the jail over the weekend serving a two-day sentence. It isn’t clear how she died, but apparently some kind of a sudden cardiac arrest problem.

The question is raised here is this really what we wanted to do. Punish the parents, even to death, for not getting the kids to school. When you think progressive you do, because it is the left that is doing it. What do you think truancy laws are about? Truancy laws are about unionized teachers, not
wanting to upset the average daily attendance formula for getting paid, for getting their budget filled. So truancy laws make it a crime if your kid doesn’t show up at the government controlled school every single day.

Some states have relaxed this but apparently not Pennsylvania. When public school started in the 1830s and 40s, they were started by parents in an area, getting together and finding an appropriate teacher, having a building built by the community. In other words, everybody wanted a better education for their kids. The kids went because they wanted to, the parents sent them because they wanted their kids to get a better education.

So then it morphed, of course, as the first teacher hired the second teacher, then the third teacher and then they hired an administrator and then a principal and a grant writer and the school crossing guard and pretty soon you had a modern school, in which most employees are not even teachers. And which you have a need to force parents to make sure their kids show up at school because the legislature gives you money based on how many kids are in how many seats over how many days.

So you liberals think progressive. Please understand where laws like this come from. And I think the belongs in the category of Jim Crow laws. It belongs in the same category of gun control laws, which were of course passed in the South to keep black people from having guns. Democrats, you, are the fountainhead of all of these crazy laws you now find it expedient to attack.

Isn’t it awful this woman died in jail because she was jailed for not paying or truancy fine. Truancy laws are outdated. Yes they were outdated whenever they were passed, because at that moment, you admitted that it wasn’t through the voluntary cooperation and enthusiasm of the community that you were to going to base your education system on, it was on to be based on the brute force of government.


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