The Obama Flip-Flop


The collapse of the Obama administration on this Bergdahl swap is complete. Last week Secretary of Defense Hagel said that the decision to swap the five terrorist military leaders were for Bowe Bergdahl was unanimous. On the same day Vice President Biden said he was neutral. Then the president of course, came out in the Rose Garden with Bowe Bergdahl parents his father Bob Bergdahl speaking Arabic and took full credit what he thought would be a universally acclaimed effort by the federal government to bring back the lone POW, as he put it. However, Bergdahl was never designated as a prisoner of war (P.O.W.) by the State Department because we were not at war according to Barack Obama himself. Both the candidate and as president, this was an Overseas Contingency Operation and not a war. His official designation was Missing: Whereabouts unknown.

After the blowback of tsunami proportions, after it was learned what actually happened, the blowback was so intense that yesterday the Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel actually gave the final approval. When Congress learned of that extraordinary different interpretation of events in secret briefings that were conducted by White House officials for the House and then for the Senate. In both of those briefings apparently Wednesday morning the word was this was actually a call by the Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to complete the swap.

Chuck Hagel Thursday 6/12 is testifying at a hearing in which he answers the question this way : “I want to make one fundamental point. I would never sign any document or make any agreement, agree to any decision that I did not feel was in the best interests of this country, nor would the president of the United States, who made the final decision.”

The president of the United States made the final decision. Hagel is not going to been thrown under the bus. He is not going to be the first male thrown under the bus by this administration. This administration has thrown women under the buss all the time. Kathleen Sebelius, Lois Lerner where are you now!


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