We lost the war and the money


Timeless classic…the “enemy” may change, but the sentiments remain the same… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7VQVzMR4Rs and background info on
The Fugs http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kill_for_peace

Really bad news, in particular bad news for people who gave so much, and some people who gave it all. In the two times we had to go into Iraq and try to straighten things out there, and try to improve the lives of people who live there, and try to do away with the dictatorship and the various violent factions who are there. With all that we have invested in Iraq and all of the progress that was made with a rudimentary democracy emerging, reconciliatory efforts made to bring together Shiite, Sunni and Kurds (the three main areas of Iraq) into a functioning society. Violence had been reduced to virtual nothing, Al Qaeda had been suppressed, their leaders captured or killed.

Barack Obama came in and hated the war so much he withdrew precipitously without leaving a lot of security there to help the Iraqis to continue to evolve. Consequently, they became a Shiite dominated government. They became more or less pawns of Iran, the Sunnis were not very happy with that, Al Qaeda jumped into the breach, and yesterday the Al Qaeda forces in Iraq (sometimes known in the Obama press as insurgents). Al Qaeda is more diverse, more spread out and
more powerful than ever before.

So powerful, that the second-largest city in Iraq has now fallen to Al Qaeda. And much of northern Iraq has now fallen in an attempt by an Al Qaeda affiliated group to take over and to establish the caliphate. They want to start with Mosul, the second-largest city in Iraq and they are threatening Tikrit (former home of Saddam Hussein) and are moving closer to Baghdad and nearby one of the large petroleum bases there.

So here’s what has happened. We pulled out of Iraq, Al Qaeda pulled into Iraq. Iraq has the third largest known oil reserves in the world, and so after all the investment we made, with many Democrats saying it was simply to steal Iraqi oil -we didn’t get any of it. It may be that Al Qaeda gets all of it. They have broken into the National Bank of Iraq which had $429 billion (basically US taxpayer money).

There was a division full of Humvees and other American military equipment. They took the 3000 prisoners, all Al Qaeda people, that we had rounded up and put in and put them in the Humvees. They are heading south to Baghdad, taking more territory in a faster fashion than has been seen since the United States rant through Iraqi in either war. And they are beheading anyone they catch that had helped the Americans.



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