When to shut your mouth

shut your mouth

Thursday, June 12, 2014 marked the 1969th day of the Obama administration and he has delivered has delivered 2600 speeches, remarks and comments since taking office. President Calvin Coolidge famously known in the time of 1920s when he was president, as silent Cal. Because he figured the president should not say very much and when he did it had better be ‘damn’ important for the people to stop their real lives and listen to him. I wish Obama even had a smidgen of that attitude. 2600 speeches, remarks and comments since taking office 1969 days ago.

Politicians need to know when to quit talking. Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran under assault here in the upcoming election a couple weeks away with State Sen. Chris McDaniel, challenging him for the Republican nomination in Mississippi. Thad Cochran is making some unusual comments in the Hattiesburg American newspaper interview. The 79 year old Cochran said that he used to play in the countryside as a child and he did “all kinds of indecent things with animals.” A Cochran campaign spokesman after the interview, Jordan Russell, said of Cochran’s comment about the youthful whimsy with animals, “I’ll check with my political correctness department and get back to you.”

I don’t think it is a political correctness thing! It’s a know when to shut your mouth thing.



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