Obama Creates the Crisis


We have been experiencing here in southern Texas an invasion of the United States unparalleled in the history of our country. From Brownsville, TX to Sand Diego, CA more than 47,000 minors, most of them under 14 years old, streaming across the border and given up – they’re not trying to avoid detection. They are giving themselves up as soon as they see anybody that looks like a border patrol or official American, because they’ve been told, quite rightly as it turns out (the White House can label it as a rumor all they want). The media in El Salvador, Guatemala and in Honduras, says Obama is letting you in, Obama will give you work, you can go there to escape the violence and the murders that have
been going on there since the Spanish landed in 1560. You can escape it, now in 2014 and go to the New Jerusalem indeed. You can become a courier for the cartels, they pay better than the agricultural workers.

I know that you have heard none of this from CBS, ABC, NBC, or any other BS network out there, that in the first eight months 47,000 children have been processed by the Border Patrol. Their diapers have been changed and they have received food. They have emergency blankets, they have FEMA stuff, and they are bring moved into every facility they can find everywhere in the United States.

Speaking of the war on children, it seems to me that Barack Obama faces some kind of responsibility for the thousands and thousands and thousands of these children coming across the border on a false promise. They are coming on Mexican freight trains to get to the border and they are taught how to do this by people down in Central America. Of course, the Mexican government lets them go through as long as they’re going through to the border. They are not allowed to stop in Mexico. The kids try to hop on trains and sometimes they miss and sometimes they are run over and sometimes they lose a leg or an arm and left to die.

All of this has been unleashed by Barack Hussein Obama. All of it unleashed because he made a promise that children would be allowed to come to the United States. And while he tried to tell us voters that he just talking about those who came when they were young and they were brought by their illegal alien parents and they were raised as Americans and they created a noble name for them “Dream Kids.”

That is not what the message was in Central America and Mexico. It was simple- kids get in free. They just get a piece of paper that says show up for a hearing sometime in the future and placed with a family that is known to be here illegally and it is known that over 90% never show up.

Let’s go back a little because and study the background of this. The media is desperately covering up the active role Barack Hussein Obama had in creating this humanitarian crisis. The following documentation many of you probably will not believe. If you go to fedbiz.ops.gov you will find the information that nobody else wants to report on. It is a federal business opportunities site. If you want your company to provide a service or some material good to the government, you search this site. You can go there and see all of the business opportunities.

So here’s one dated in January 29, 2014. It is a Request For Information and is titled: “Escort services for Unaccompanied Alien Children.” Now, I have talked about this before, Federal law still describes someone who was not born in this country and here without officially permission as an ‘alien.’ They are not an immigrant, not a refugee, not an ‘undocumented worker’, they are an ‘alien’ so the official requests have to use the legal term. Also, when did you first hear about this children’s invasion, about two weeks ago, right?

It was posted on fedbiz.ops.gov by the Barack Hussein Obama administration on January 29, 2014 an ad for people to: “Take charge of these children, who are expected to come from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has a continuing and mission-critical responsibility for accepting custody of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) from US Border Patrol and other federal agencies, and transporting these juveniles to offices of refugee resettlement shelters. ICE is seeking the services of responsible vendor that shares the philosophy of treating all UAC (unaccompanied alien children) with dignity and respect while adhering to a standard operating procedures and policies that allow for an effective, efficient and incident free transport to the refugee resettlements. Transport will be required for either category of UAC or individual juveniles to include both male and female. There will be approximately 65,000 UAC in total.”

Back in January, the Obama administration was projecting 65,000 juveniles would illegally cross the border. They knew what they were doing. They planned what they were doing. They created a humanitarian crisis in order to get immigration reform and amnesty through the Congress.

We are all victims of a giant multinational scheme with tens of thousands of young people being pressed into service by the increasing web of gangs that control vast swaths of the United States. MS-13 has 100,000 members in the United

States according to the FBI and they are in every big city in this country. So are there consequences on these children, are there consequences for anybody along the chain that is causing this to happen from the president down to MS-13. NO, there’s no consequences to those people, it is all benefits to them. The consequences are on you and I. For instance, in California alone in the state budget just signed Monday by the governor (Jerry- ‘I boinked Jane Fonda’- Brown) there is $25,000,000,000 or 18 percent of the budget of the state of California goes to services for illegal’s. $25 billion dollars! So who’s going to pay the price. Well you and I are. You can forget our standard of living, forget all the other issues that are important, forget the economy, forget the competition for jobs, forget the middle class evaporating under the impact of this competition, forget all of that. The cost to the taxpayer in one state alone is $25 billion. Thank you Barrack Hussein Obama.

US decides city residents racists

Lawrenceville, Virginia is a small town in Virginia, where the US the Department of Health and Human Services was going to house with a cold vulnerable children in this town. The idea was that they would take a local school that had closed, St. Paul’s College. It closed about a year ago. It was founded just after the Civil War, to educate the black men and women and it can house up to 500 children in its dormitories. Now and the federal government of Barrack Hussein Obama wants to open it back up to these illegals coming in. St. Paul’s president Dr. Claude Flythe said that the visiting federal officials here did a good job of dispelling rumors about the planned temporary shelter in a public meeting attended by 1000 people. In Lawrenceville, Virginia this is a big number. Dr Flythe said that the officials explained the whole thing and dispelled rumors other than the fact that these kids were “Hispanic.” In other words, the government believes that race is the real reason why people would oppose this. The government thinks the citizens of Lawrenceville are just a bunch of racists.

Plane flights to Central America to take the kids back to their home country, to deport them in a humanitarian way, as of Monday have been canceled by the Barack Hussein Obama administration. The big question is how is the media going to report this? In the old days, for those of you who are under 40, we were a free country. The media was seen as essential to a democratic society, that information about what the government was doing was particularly sacrosanct. We had an idea that everything the government did had to be out in the open, so that in a democratic society, we could know what our elected officials and their bureaucracies were doing . It makes no sense today, but in a previous
period of a our history, this was the assumption.

Today, the assumption is that our leader can act as a Vladimir Putin and just describe things that are out of bounds, off limits, you can’t cover it. Here’s what they did. On June 18th 1,000 of these UAC (Unaccompanied Alien Children) are shipped from South Texas to Nogales, AZ. The media wanted to see inside the Border Patrol holding facility, wanted to talk to the kids, and the DHS said ‘No.’ They allowed them to go through and see what was inside. About 20 journalists were waiting to enter the Border Patrol holding facility, nobody was authorized to answer any questions, the reporters could not talk to the juveniles, they were able to walk by and see them in the FEMA blankets on their cots and that was about it.

This is a Putinesque answer to a formerly free media, now lapdogs of the elites of both parties. Apparently now, there is a huge understanding between the Obama media and this administration that they are not going to cover what actually goes on, but they will glorify everything he says to cover up what’s really going on.

The DHS has gone out and obviously inventoried every kind of building that’s available in the entire United States that might house a significant number of juveniles. They’re not talking about deportation. They’re not talking about sending them back even though it’s obvious that these children fall outside of the Dream Act. They fall outside of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), they fall outside of any executive order. These are not kids who come here with their parents and have been raised as Americans, and they deserve a chance, and all those excuses for amnesty. These are kids who are coming here now who are basically illiterate, they have virtually no formal education, no skills, and most are less than 14 years old. Most of them without any parents (that’s
why they’re called unaccompanied).


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