Climate Change Run Around Again


Barack Hussein Obama, the Mocker-In-Chief, letting his inner Don Rickles run free, mocking the climate deniers, as people who used to think the moon was made of cheese, talking up to the League of Conservation Voters. He had the crowd screaming with laughter, but of course the facts are just the opposite of what he said. On MSNBC they emphatically stated that maybe this was the hottest May since 1833- when we started keeping records with thermometers with red-colored mercury in them. (“Preliminary data released separately by NASA and the Japanese Meteorological Agency suggest May 2014 was the warmest May on record. NASA data (which is still to incorporate data from China) indicates that May 2014 had an average global temperature 1.38 degrees Fahrenheit above the long term average.” 1.38 degrees hotter during one month of the year and half of the data is not in yet- come on folks. ) Actually the
average global surface temperatures have not changed since 1998, we are not warming.

The Antarctic Western ice sheet is melting, but not because of human caused global warming, but due to a significant increase in volcanic activity on the seabed underneath it, and that is what is melting it. That has now been determined by a University of Texas team, that has been living on that ice sheet for the past 9 months.

So Hillary Clinton, in response to a question asked her in San Diego Wednesday June 26th said (and this is only part of her rambling 5 min answer – learning how to obfuscate from her buddy Barrack). Given the facts, given the science, it is clear that the RELIGION of global warming has taken over her brain.

“If you look at the plan, it is a good start on dealing with one continuing source of ‘green house gas’ emissions. But, while that is going on, we have direct challenges to alternatives coming from those who are commercially and politically opposed. They are trying to get states to do away with or refuse to renew their credits for renewable, their cooperative programs with utilities so that if you have solar or wind or geothermal, the utility buys it from you and puts it into the grid. So there is a rear-guard action. While we haven’t done enough to progress, we have those behind us who are trying to undo what we have done. “ And she went on and on and on and on. It is just amazing that a person who is the heir apparent to the presidency of the United States, actually believes this stuff.

Is the climate changing? It is changing all the time. And we can now document it fairly accurately


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